Rebalance of team selection system

There is a horrid imbalance in how teams are selected at random or “PUG” teams.


I have noticed if there is a squad of decent players in a corp on the oposite team from me the way the system works now is it will put other squads on that team and players with similar W/L and DSRs… This makes it so I get stuck with the CORPless scrubs with low W/L and like 700 DSRs.


However, this does not apply to me(( I get stuck with Aces with 700 DSR when mine a few weeks ago was 1700 and 1.10 W/L??). As of writing this I have a .90W/L and a 1200 DSR… This used to be much higher, I haven’t played for months and now it looks like after several patches they have made the game work in such a way as it auto-side stacks teams??? Shouldn’t it be the other way a round?


These “DEVS” could at lest have the respect to reset my stats that one of their patches bugged…