Reasons for quitting the game

I just want this here so people know why players are leaving the game.


  1. Too grindy.


Suggestion: If the game was 10x less grindy, it’d be still be chore.


  1. Source crates are random. I don’t like this, if i’ve grinded and grinded and grinded, and paid for DLCs and grinded and grinded and grinded some more, the least you can do is tell me precisely what resources i’ll get.


Suggestion: in loot boxes let people select what loot they want. Don’t let people end up with 3x of the same photon emitter component, and then have to spend days trying to exchange it on the market.


  1. Low respawn rate on certain maps. On some open space maps the respawn rate is so low, there’s literally 5-6 people waiting for something to respawn so they can shoot five of them, and in some maps the local patrols kill them the instant they spawn. When you’ve got so much competition to get targets, people lay down drones at spawn points. What is good to see is when people shoot just a little health off a target so other players can finish it off so we aren’t all waiting for an eternity, but the problem is:


  a) after a certain period of time, the damage ceases to be counted as a kill

  b) because there’s such a rush to get to the target, people have no choice but to kill them completely else they’ll lose their chance of getting a kill for the next few minutes.


Suggestion: increase the spawn rate, or at the very least stop the friendly patrols from one shot killing them the instant that they spawn.


  1. PVP is completely and totally broken. It’s never worked properly, the whole idea is fundamentally flawed. Here’s a list of problems with it:


a) You’ve got people trying to level up their ships. You’ve also got seasoned players with maxed out everything. People levelling up are just not going to win. Just forget it, they aren’t going to be able to contribute anything to the match.

b) The people with ships that need to be ranked up cannot change their ships - they need the exp, but players that are maxed out, absolutely can, putting non seasoned players at a huge disadvantage because the seasoned players can pick the perfect ships to pick off the others.

c) You’ve got people forming squads. This is a problem because you can form a squad that has a perfect collection of weapons that complement each other, this means it’s basically impossible for the other side to win.

d) There are some ship / weapon combinations that are unkillable. For example the LRF, with cloaking, and with jump backwards, and with that module that reduces damage proportional to distance. That is an unkillable ship. You can’t target it, because it’s cloaked. You can’t find it because it’s cloaked. You can’t get near it because it’ll jump backwards and pull you behind the enemy lines making you completely vulnerable, and it’s completely invulnerable to any meaningful long range damage. Not only is this is an unkillable ship, but it only takes one of these ships on a team to win a game.

e) Another annoying ship that should never have been in the game is that twin ship that players can switch between ships. Imagine a hard to hit interceptor, that’s really difficult to hit, now imagined a season player with every upgrade there is. Already that’s a near impossible ship to kill, now imagine that you’ve got to kill both of them. Again, you need just one person with a lightning ship to totally change the game.


d) and e) are game breaking ships, they are so imbalanced that the game is completely unplayable. The minute you see either of those two things on the other side, i just quit, because it’s not worth playing. You don’t get anything from losing and you’re not going to win, and anything’s going to be better than dying over and over and over again with absolutely nothing whatsoever you can do about it.


f) You need to select 1 ship to go into battle and players are stuck with it.

g) That 4 lives game was horrible. Only the seasoned players have 4x or all the active and passive modules maxed out. So only they are going to win that game. That pvp concept was the worst idea ever.


Suggestion 1: get rid of these magic combinations of ships and weapons. I mean do you think that if there was an invincible combination of counterstrike weapons and equipment that people would play the game, or that there would be only certain ships that attack certain others? No, so why do you think it would work in star conflict? What you’ve designed is broken at the most fundamental level.

Suggestion 2: You need to ban squads, and you need also to prevent players from switching ships and / or seeing the specs of other ships.

Suggestion 3: You need to stop people choosing between 4 ships.

Suggestion 4: You need to rebalance the players halfway through as counterstrike does, and you must prevent players from changing ships.


  1. As if all this didn’t make the game fawful enough, you’ve now got grievers hanging out in open space, picking off players who are just trying to complete a task in 2-3 minutes so that they can go about the rest of their day. Instead you’ve got squads of interceptors of those stupid twin ship things, or steams of destroyers waiting to ambush you. Or some other nonsense.


They do 10x the damage to you that you can do to them.

They are invisible.

They move 3x faster than you can.

Their shields and hull can take what seems like unlimited damage.



At the end of the day, people play games because it’s fun. Unwinnable and unkillable ships, and a game that continually pits people against ships which seem totally unkillable, and there’s no explanation as to way, isn’t sporting, it isn’t enjoyable, and it’s not a test of skill.


As a result i’ve been actively boycotting pvp for months now. But at this point, i’m done with this game. I’m just gutted that i spent so much time and money on it. I was a complete idiot. You got me. You ripped me off.


I’m cutting my losses and quitting the game. I highly recommend that before other people quit they list down their reasons for quitting too, who knows, maybe developers might listen.


Hahaha, who am i kidding, they wont listen.



Edit thanks for the replies.


Suggestion for open space:


One thing to mention, and this is something that i think would be really good for this game, is you have a procedurally generated map from a random seed. When you go into certain jump gates you enter in the seed number. Because it’s procedurally seeded from that number, it will be the same every time. If you implemented that, it would change the dynamic of open space completely. Possibly you can then also bookmark seeds and things and be able to explore the universe with other players.


Great feedback!


A few thoughts:

  1. that cloacked ship is very easy to kill if you get close to it. It’s invisible for radars, but not for your eyes. You can easily see it cloaked, when you are close to it. And most of them are also rookie/average pilots, pretty easy to kill; also get a recon and place a microlocator, in about a 4.000m range. I have seen very few pilots who know how to take advantage of a microlocator and it’s such a powerful tool. Some recons have a bonus that extends the range. It uncloakes the LRF. It’s really fun to see how some pilots haven’t noticed this, and they still think they are cloaked. Then… shock! Booom! :))


  1. Yes, this is a problem in pvp, when players compete with not fully leveled up ships. It’s basically a minus for the team. But still, it’s better/preferable to level up your ship in pvp, compared to pve or open space. Pve is super annoying, open space is (unfortunatelly) very small and limited, compared to other games so the experience you get is also limited. So most pilots are looking for real competition, it’s not such a big problem that some level up their ships in pvp. Overall, PvP is the way to go, because it offers the fastest upgrade of a ship. Yellow ammo included, which offers 2 x experience. And one more thing, the exp. points you get at the end of a match is directly linked to your actions - so, the more you do in that match, the more exp. you get, the faster the ship gets to level 8.


  1. Teams in pvp should stay, it’s about improving/expanding the concept of “teamplay”. It’s just something you need to learn and to keep in mind that you’re part of a team. Yes, some are not balanced, you get very skilled players against some average ones, but still, this is what makes the game more interesting. The challenge is to fight someone better than you, not someone weaker ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


  1. Simply fit 4 ships into the 4 slots. Why would you fit only 1 ship? You want to level up one? Ok, do it, but it’s nice to be able to compare between recons/ecms/guards/engi so why not slot 1-2 from each faction? Related to point 1, it’s a good idea to fit different types of ships, that’s why you have 4 slots. Fit a gunship, a recon, an ecm and a LRF. That allows you to be flexible, if you meet a LRF simply fit torpedoes and send him 3 torps. Then you’ll see how things change for him ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


Final advice: join a corp, you’ll learn way more there and you’ll find pilots who have the same problems and you’ll see how easy is to level up ships in a group of 4.





Moved the topic to the right section.

1- As a long time player the grind for me had its pace but then again i would grind things in open space with a friend or two, listen to music, watch youtube or something else to pass the time, because, well, grind is present in every f2p game and depends on how its constructed. Open space may not be the most filled thing ever content wise but it was a nice experience prior to the massive change, after the OS change it was weird. Grinding other game modes had its charm and purpose so im just gonna skip it since they are pretty straightforward.


2- The boxes are just horrible and expensive resource-wise ingame, they should have just dropped and you roll the dice if you dont like what you got for iridium or similar.


3- The OS mobs and tasks sometimes can be insufferable (looking at you, 10 kills blackwood shipyard-dono)


4- PvP lost its appeal for me because of bots, might as well play against hackers once that bot gets an aim reticle on you.


a) Believe it or not the maxed out equipment aspect wont ever make one any better than they are, we are talking about a very small increment of stats but the knowledge and skillsets remain the same, i still play crap ships and still overwhelm players vastly above me in equipment and sometimes it’s equal just because of my knowledge of game mechanics, which is the real win factor btw 


b) Event he simplest standard ship has its value, granted that you need to reach at least lvl4 to get some passive bonuses or 8 to get them all, maxing out is mostly not necessary unless you really want to push it, the difference is negligible.


c) As for squads its a love/hate feel, i love the ability to play in a team of friends preferably against other teams, farming solo players as a team gets really toxic on the receiving side and extremely boring on the dishing out end. I would love it if it was even remotely fair, personally.


d) Let me show you the song of my people

Actually the truly unkillable ship would be a certain kind of dine&dash taikin, lrf serves its purpose and if you had the chance to play every class on the top end you would be able to see the lines of really engaging gameplay and no bueno bs that im talking aboot.


e) Yeah that tornado ship is fun and all but there should be more limitations to its splitting tbh.


d) You need to experiment a little with ships and mods, for example there was a certain meta for loki ships few years back and that thermal weapon, which i cant remember the name of, and it all worked based on ramp up damage so what i did is i made a specific counter build, used a ship called spiral and its unique weapon that overheads the enemies weapons upon hit. Basically made their weapons overheat and turned them into sitting ducks as soon as they yolo dived for cheap kills, quite simple really, maybe a bit expensive since its was spiral but now you can get the same thing on other weapons i believe, but you get the point.


f) That doesnt seem like a big limiting factor but okay.


g) Actually the 4th slot gets unlocked for most if not all average players at some point but i wouldnt treat it as a major breaking point, the mode itself is very unforgiving for mistakes thats true but at the same time it should teach the players to keep in mind for some survival in their builds and maybe test out different fittings, its quite a balancing act to get it right.


The suggestions part are very on the surface and do not fix anything really, maybe if you remake a game like that but then again i doubt it would work both as balancing act and as a player hook to keep them playing, the way it is now its an everchanging chaos and many do like it that way as it keeps the action going, if you limit players to one ship that will just end in harder rolfstomp spawncamping that you could ever have otherwise.


  1. You probably wont like knowing this but you can use seed-chips in open space and pve sooo whatever you dont like you can get in roid form with dem chips… but still pvp zones are fair game, usually.



There are easy ships and difficult ships to use, what you faced are the easy kinds by most part, easy to score kills that is if you are decent enough. To tell you to try other ships would be a disservice to you for multiple reasons but the main one is lack of info that this game is plagued with, which is apparent in many of your points, but i still appreciate the feedback.


I just miss my botless pvp, there is quite literally nothing else that bothers me there, well, besides the satellite crystal that is.


There are people that listen/read for what its worth but please do keep in mind that my response is my own opinion as a player and it doesnt have much value, im not a dev btw i just need the role permissions to operate on the forum freely in case youre confused about it.