Reasons for imposed sanctions

I’ve had a conversation with a couple of people about this and understand that there are obviously reasons given as to why players are removed from chat or banned from the game - obviously, I wouldn’t suggest this if the chat feature didn’t implement supplementing the player with a reason as to why they have been banned from chat, and thus further not influencing a change of behaviour.

So what I request is that these reasons be given to the player so they understand what has happened, should the player just wake up one day and have a 24 hour chat ban. Also, for GM’s inputting this, the reason would have to be valid and mandatory - I recommend a drop down menu. But an example outgoing message would look like:

You have been banned from sending chat messages for 59 minutes. Reason: Swearing


I agree that giving proper feedback is important. Because if no reason is given, no learning happens. Arbitrary sanctions really mess up people’s minds.

However, I disagree on the forced drop down menu. They are usefull for consistent terminology and quick use, but there should be an option for free text. There will always be cases where the presets don’t work.

I have suggested this ages ago, because I was banned for 24 hours for no reason (or none that I was aware of). It can’t remember the official answer exactly, but they refused to implement it. It was probably along the lines of “discussing the decisions of the moderators is not allowed”.

Something like this is already in work.