[Realistic] Needs Improvement

[EDIT]: Now that realistic mode is a random mode within Arcade, this thread is no longer relevant.


The Bad:

*Few players play this mode

*Sometimes takes 5+ minutes to get a game.

*Often 1 vs 1 (1 player and bots)


The Good

*10% increased reputation

*Low repair costs since you only get to die once per a ship

*A different strategic game-play than arcade mode



*Increase Reputation gains to 15%

*Add 5-10% increased credits

*Reduce maximum wait to 3 minutes.

*If no players are in the que after the max wait, then allow the player to fight bots. (Yes this creates a very easy way to farm, but if more people try to take advantage of this then obviously they are going to be fighting players instead of bots)



Idea from a friend of mine. Maybe reward 1-2 Gold Standards for winning in Realistic? That’d help the game mode.

Your suggestions are good, only thing I would suggest is make the FF like before, missiles hurt your teammates, other weapons dont. It kind of stupid that my main weapons hurt my allies I think…


It’s realistic yes, but quite annoying when you cant shoot your enemy because your friendly bot is in the way…

I would love to see more activity on Realistic mode. It is an undiscovered gem as far as I’m concerned, and many of my most memorable battles played out on Realistic.