Ready or not in custom games



This is the first time i see on Multiplayers game there is no READY button, so the Leader can launch the game even when you are not ready.

If we needs to change something in our ships before to start, i can’t except if i’m leaving quickly the room BEFORE the leader starts, otherwise i’m screwed.


There is a ready Popup when you are on Squad, but not when you are joining Custom games.

They are assuming that you are ready when you click join. Since you cannot equip items or change ships in a custom room, they assume that you wouldn’t need a ready button. 

That’s the problem, i’d like to be able to equip after joined, depending the missions we will do etc… Especially after rewards, sometimes i find stuff and i can’t do anything because after the victory, i’m in the lobby back and i cannot equip anything, so i have to leave the lobby, to equip and to find another one !! That’s annoying !


Besides, we joined ok but after a game, i’d like to be able to toilet, to drink etc…, answer phone, but because people start just immediatly after, i cannot do anything neither signing contracts, nor writing “i’m not ready”, so in case of emergency i’m forced to leave even when it’s started.

This would not happen if we had a famous READY BUTTON, this is mandatory.

Star Conflict is the first game i ever known without any READY BUTTON, this is not complicated to create and this is the first thing to do before anything else.

So with ready button which prevents crazy starts, if they cannot wait i’ll be able to leave without any issue.


After a victory i want to be able to sign again a contracts but it’s not possible with crazy people hitting starting without to worry if people are ready.

Equipment is just a thing, but there is a lots of anothers.

This is very good suggestion. Up!


Often there are last agreements just after start (i got excellent eng, please take something else… and so on). It will be nice to do it there and with other players not reenter each time…