Razer Hydra

Hi All,


Currently testing out SC with an Oculus DK2 and found out that the keyboard and mouse are quite limiting. Although I can blind type pretty good, having no reference at all when grasping the keyboard is pretty difficult and results in barrel rolling when you want to go forward and such.

So I started configuring my Razer Hydra and it has been working extremely well. Based on a config out there at the sixtsence forum I have started adding my changing and adding my own customization.


The only problem that I have is its currently in mouse look mode. This works fine when flying as it just works as a hovering mouse, but things like roll are currently configured as a button press. If I could set this to a joystick axis there would be far better control instead of using the on/off button press.


Although the joystick config has check to not disable mouse during joystick move. mouse stops working as soon as joystick is enabled. Even though some posts here say that it works after a restart, it doesn’t… sadly.


Is there something that can be done to allow certain axis to work through joystick and still have mouse look?


if anybody is interested in the config, please pm me.

Btw, here is my updated version of my star conflict mce. Kudos to BountyHead for making the initial version.