Rank 9 Fighters

Rank9 has some very good implants, sadly fighters can’t really benefit from them. IMHO the strongest implant is the federation one, giving +20% afterburner speed. Let’s have a look at the R9 fighters: 



  • Desert Eagle (Command, Steam)
  • Nukem I (Command, 3700G)


  • Wolf-M
  • Bear (Offence, Steam)
  • Parallax (Tackler, 3700G)


  • Strong (Offence, 3700G)

In total there are six rank9 fighters, 5 of them can only be attained with money. So the Federation, already the fastest of the 3 factions, can get +20% AB speed on their fighters in tier3. Lets compare speed from 3 fighters, i will take 3 builds of my set.

  • Prometheus Fire:  295 m/s
  • Wolf-M:                 570.5 m/s
  • Katana AE:            422 m/s

With said implant, even my frigate Anaconda-M can get speeds of 311 m/s, which is faster than my empire fighter. Its also quite obvious that you can overtake interceptors in a Wolf-M at rank 9. Even an empty “Desert Eagle” has a speed of 362 m/s in my tooltip.


So my question is, why?

Suggestion: Switch rank9 & rank10 implants, or give every faction a rank9 fighter, because this issue only exists for fighters.


PS: this single implant also renders any interceptor lower than rank9 practically worthless. 

I’m glad I bought the first 2 DLCs.

I feel implants should work for that entire tier, not just for that rank. The rank is just an unlock. 

honestly i think the rank 9 implants need to be tones down a “slight bit”. the +20% afterburn speed is a HUGE buff to each and every interceptor capable of having it. I don’t see any ability in the rank 7 or 8 interceptors that even compares to that. The three rank 9 implants are simply too much, i feel. 


Imlants in general should be weaker than a mk1 module. they need to be slight tweaks, not major boosts. 

So you say that the +25% hull, +75% sensor range and +20% weapon range, +20% shield, +75% maneuvering speed, -20% afterburner energy use, 20 sec immunity are inferior to the +20% max speed?


"Implants in general should be weaker than a mk1 module. they need to be slight tweaks, not major boosts. "

implants are way better than modules most of the time.


The problem is not the fed. r9 implant (i think the jericho r9 is better). There is no r9 fighter ship for jericho/empire that is free, that is unbalanced.

Two ships that look op in r9:

elf 2: ecm role with +10% damage

wolf-m: the only free r9 fighter