Rank 10 "Alien-armoured" Katana model Command

So, why am I posting this in balance?


Simply because of the fact that the Jericho line has 45 fighters instead of 46 since the addition of the Hyena and the Achilles.


The Katana S, a rank 9 ship, requires maximising to jump straight to a rank 12 ship. There is no stepping stone.


Between ranks 10 and 12, there are absolutely no command fighters with the effects strength boost. The Spartacus has the energy consumption, the Flamberge has the effective range and the Loki and Lance S have nothing.


“But Sho, the Strong --”


– is a premium ship at rank 9 with no ability to use such passive modules as lightweight hull or multiphase generator. Yes, I’m sure you were about to tell me it’s a damn good ship and I do agree, but it’s still a rank 9.


So for the next release of 1,4 at best, let’s see a new Command developed for Jericho. After all, the other factions have it…





They should just give the players a Biomorph ship. The only real effort they would have to put in to it would be armour points and mod slots. Otherwise it would be really easy to do.

nuuuooooooo don’t increase the grind anymore! :frowning:

in other words: why do you want a R10 command? and 1 last synergy level equals all the other 6-7 you have to make to buy the next ship or less, do the math

Simply because of the fact that you HAVE to level your Katana S to Level 9 in order to get the Lance S. You cannot purchase the Lance S through levelling the Lance AE, unlike how you are able to purchase the Argonaut through the Spartacus or the Tiger II through the Tiger-M.