Random/Silly Module and Ability Ideas

Engine Shroud - Reduces engine trail and glow by 90%. Removes lead indicator but not targeting marks. Lasts 10s. Recharge 60s. Multipurpose mod.


AntiGravity Anomally Generator (AGAG) - Pushes ships away from area dealing 1% pure/collision damage per second for 15s. Cancels black hole in overlapping areas. Has similar specs/mechanics to black hole. For Destroyers (maybe a Disruptor class?)


Continuum Warp Aura - Creates a flat plane area in which anything on the opposite side appears blurred similar to engineer aura spam and guided torp refraction wobble. When viewed from user they are directly facing the plane (like static barrier). Shoot out on first press, activates plane on second press. Destroyer Disruptor class


Whirlwind - Spins all ships around a central axis that is turret locked once fired. Affected ships will only move perpendicular to the axis so you cannot drag them with the beam by moving your ship. Lasts 20s, the effect grows from 0 over the first 5s to reach 100%, then dissipates back to 0 over the last 5s. Destroyer Disruptor


MatterPhaseInverter - Rotates between reducing damage types by up to 80% for 4 seconds each in an area around host ship. Once rotation = 4s thermal reduce, then EM, then kinetic.


Inertial Stabiliser - Reduces rotation speeds by 50% in an area around the host ship. Does not affect velocity/acceleration. Perhaps could be a beam to affect a single target.


TimeWarp - Slows down projectile speeds of weapons in an area around the host ship.


Statis Web - Disrupts enemy ships by putting their motion under statis in 0.8s bursts separated by 2 second gaps lasting 4 bursts. Does not affect modules or weapons. Ships will continue on their current vector like how the ECM module works.


CPU Hack - Affects targeted ship by making fire rate more random/turning beams off for split second. Also affects module use activation time after pressing button.


TurnKeyLock - Locks current targeted ship in a hard turn in a single direction for 5s. Ship can still accelerate but reduced strafe. Can still use modules but weapon damage reduced by 50%. (jk? ;p)


Headlock - Locks targeted pilots’ camera in the current direction for 4s.


Engine Exciter - Shoots a projectile singularity that makes any ship caught in the radius accelerate to maximum afterburner speed for 8s. Turns off EM scatter evidently.


Tractor Beam - team organiser, moves any ship with a certain speed; eg 200m/s to where your cursor is pointing. Only moves them along the meridian of a sphere around your ship, does not bring them to you or push them away. Has an acceleration parameter so you cannot simply whip them around. Affects ALL ships but could be negated to just affecting enemies if moving camping team mates is too invasive.


YouMakeMeAngryMerc [YMMAM] Overdrive - Gives host ship 20% more damage, 20% more speed, 20 resist points on hull and shields for 8s. Also creates a fire cloud around ship dealing 400dmg/s. Allies in 1000m radius of ship when ability is activated get 10% more damage and speed because they are also angry.


Alien HighTail Booster - Accelerates ship very quickly to 250% of max speed for 3s after killing an enemy in current direction of travel. Turn rate is greatly reduced. Happens after killing any enemy.

The Alien HighTail Booster is mine.

That totally needs to be an implant for the next faction though. Like an R13 or something.

R13 (new) implant: “Upon killing an enemy, the ship is given a short warp boost in a desired direction. Warp is cancelled if a crash is eminent.”

I enjoy the YouMakeMeAngryMerc Overdrive. Would be amusing if it also had the voiceover sound when activated :stuck_out_tongue:


I am surprised there is no module to simulate higher ping in this list. Boy, if there were a class that could make someone have a higher ping…

Name: Disconnecterizer

Type: Multipurpose Active Module

Recharge: 27s

Tooltip: Upon activation, your locked target gains +300 ping regardless of their current connection for 9 seconds.

Well CPU Hack is basically packet loss so :stuck_out_tongue:

Corona - Generates 2 circles conjoined at host ship extending to the sides. Generates intense field more concentrated at the edges dealing random damage type for each time an enemy intersects with the plane. Planes rotate with ship. Damage scales with ship size.


dmg 500/900/3000 int/fighter/frig

Active time 12s

recharge 60s

coronal diameter 500/800/1200



Ban Hammer

Upon activation, bans the locked player permanentely from the game

Cooldown: -1s

Equaliser: upon activation, destroys any ship I consider OP.

Infinite range (can even attack people in other matches and game modes!) 0 energy 60 second cooldown (so I can write a rant between uses).

#1 Candle of Peace:

  If candled in battle, players will sit duck and enjoy peace and harmony for 45sec. - battle music will change to goa gong mantra, ammunitions will be removed permanently from all ships


#2 United Nothing laser:

  If fired on to a ship, this ship changes colour to neutral blue with new aerography and can do nothing other than fly around and observe

Destroyer destroyer - multipurpose module (that can be put on destroyers, too…) that converts all damage done into explosive damage for 10 seconds. 60 second cooldown.


This would allow one to destroy the destroyer with destroyer destroyer in a destroyer.

Active Module “Modern”

Automatic win of any battle when implemented.

Restriction: works only if was binded to X button of xbox gamepad

“Equaliser”… “Disconnecterizer”… ROFL!  :006j:

Sentry Scanner - Starting from the ship’s heading, a broad spherical scanner (or rectangular) scans the field for 360° over 10s. Any ships detected by the scan have reduced mobility of 70% for 3s. Range 10,000m. Does not affect camo/invisible ships.


Radiation Leak - deploys waste radiation from the ship’s main engines for 8s dealing 1000dps thermal for any ship caught within a 300m radius of the trail’s centreline.


Comet Web - Launches an area damage weapon (looking like rabid’s) travelling at 700m/s in direction of aim. The weapon will travel straight out to a distance of 5000m then return to the host ship, ending if it comes within 350m. It constantly decelerates from initial speed to reach 0 after 5s, then accelerates back to 700m/s over 3s, now having a turn rate of 75deg/s to return to host ship. Deals 4000dps EM, area radius 350m.

Alternate effect - neutralises all hostile weapons and effects that try to pass through it, while cleansing any enemy ship of its current buffs.


Radiation Leak - deploys waste radiation from the ship’s main engines for 8s dealing 1000dps thermal for any ship caught within a 300m radius of the trail’s centreline.


AKA the covert ops suicide thing? 


Engine controller: Allows you to disengage your inertial stabilizers, allowing you to move in a certain direction without needing to accelerate. You can turn, but this won’t change your trajectory. 


It would be fun to use this when someone is chasing you, you could just turn around and shoot them, like in Star Citizen.