Ra'kar'thith Cannon

Ra’kar’thith Cannon
Primary weapon for Ellydium frigates
Medium range gravity beam

Tooltip: Fires a continuous green beam that pulses every second. As the beam is held on a target, they become the center of an increasingly large gravity well. Each pulse that hits them will both increase the gravity radius by 50m and the pull speed by 25m/s up to 1,150m and 200m/s. The damage will slowly increase as the beam is held on the target.


Random lore: (someone put this under a spoiler please)

“As Ellydium made their advancements in to utilising crystal technology, some corporations were working on some tech designs of their own. One nondescript night at the local corporation’s laboratory, a team of scientists discovered that crystals, when grown in a parallel array, will focus any energy that was drawn out of a crystal core. This quickly led to the first prototypes of a crystal based laser weapon. However, the major discovery happened when a scientist accidentally dropped another core from a different weapon in to the parallel system. It worked in tandem with the original core to produce a focussed point in the beam that science calls a “kugelblitz”. The scientists then applied this discovery to a new parallel model with a dedicated space for the second crystal core, so that the weapon could be easier to grow on a larger scale. Ellydium readily accepted their new development and hurriedly adapted it for their crystal ships.”


Sketch from iPhone notes:




I like the idea, they could probably put it on the ellydium guard