-Rae’Glith (Ellydium Guard)

while thar’ga and tai’kin were all about busting the game wherever possible, and waz’got was about eating ships, rae’glith would have the gimmick of taking damage to charge special module (charges ARE NOT generated over time, you MUST take damage)


spec mod ideas:


-adaptive crystals

would gain 1 charge for every 3k (all numbers from this point forwards are guesses) of the selected damage type taken, up to 3, on activation all charges are consumed and the next damage type is selected gives 50 x #OfCharges resistance to the selected damage type (you do not need charges to cycle damage types).


-“martyrdom” hack

activation would not consume charges, on activation all enemies within 2.5km are forced to lock on to you for 5 seconds (cooldown of 15 seconds). every time you have taken a full 25k damage, you release a large pulsar with 4km range that deals 3k EM damage over 3 seconds, you are invincible while this pulsar is active. (module does not use charges).


-crystalline shield

gain 1 charge for every 10k damage taken, max of 5, on activation you consume 1 charge and all of your resistances are boosted by 200 for 4 seconds.


-crystal growth

gain 1 charge for every 5k damage taken, max of 5, on activation you consume 1 charge and regenerate 1.5k hull and 1.5k shield.


-plasmid generator

gain 1 charge for every 5k damage taken, max of 3, on activation you consume all charges and create a large gravitational anomaly on your current position (you must wait 30 seconds between spawning anomalies, this is also the maximum duration an anomaly can have), only affects enemies, anomaly range and duration scale with # of charges consumed.


weapon ideas:


-rae’glaz (rae’glith only)

em weapon with very high firerate (480 rpm) and spread  (5 degrees), has moderate range (3 km) and low damage (300 pts), your shield resistance increases by 5 for every enemy who has been shot within the last 10 seconds.


-thar’an (rae’glith only)

kinetic flak cannon, fires in a coil mortar fashion, each shot explodes (200 m) (500 pts) 3 times (.5 sec between explosions) upon coming into proximity of an enemy (150 m). low firerate (60 rpm) long range (5 km).


-rae’got (all guards)

thermal shotgun, fires in a coil mortar fashion (180 rpm), fires 10 low damage piercing beams (hitscan, penetrates targets) per shot (100 damage each) with high spread (6 degrees) and short range (2km), a weapon capable of tearing apart most targets with ease.


active module ideas:


-emergency crystals (rae’glith only, doesn’t require assembly)

drains 100 energy per second, repairs your ships shield by 7k pts over 20 seconds, additionally regenerates 50 hull per sec. for every enemy within 2 km. (you cannot equip emergency shield boost).


-alien pulsar (rae’glith only)

deals 4k damage over 10 seconds to all enemy ships within (the radius of the ordinary pulsar), all else is identical to the default pulsar, except for cooldown, which is 10 seconds.


-crystal negation (rae’glith only)

identical stats to signature masking, except for activation, which immediately overheats the weapons of all affected enemies.


-shield overcharge (rae’glith only)

adds 15k temporary shields for 10 sec, if the shield survives the entire time 15 seconds are shaved off of the 30 second cooldown.


-“lance” missile deterrence system (rae’glith only)

all missiles locked onto you or nearby allies (3 km) are redirected at the players who launched them (1 minute cooldown), passively shoots down a missile every 10 seconds.


-reinforced shield (all guards)

passively boosts shield resistance by 30 points, resistance grows to 80 points for 5 seconds on activation (30 second cooldown).


modification ideas:


-“sadist” subroutine [cpu] (rae’glith only)

you and allies within 2 km regenerate shields by dealing damage.


-rage charger [capacitor] (rae’glith only)

damage taken charges special module faster.


-heavy hull [hull] (rae’glith only)

boosts hull strength at the cost of maneuverability (not speed), additionally enemies who take collision damage from you take twice as much.


-crystal shield [shield] (ellydium only)

identical to crystal plates, but with shield.





really? no commentary? nobody? i was expecting tons of backlash for “supporting a pay-to-win system”. i guess i should be happy that this post hasn’t become a flame war, but this is even more unnerving

i stopped reading suggestions because of fox ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

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i stopped reading suggestions because of fox ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

but why? i rather like his suggestions