RadiX Corporation

Updated 1/23/16


RadiX is recruiting! We hit 70 members recently and regularly have 15 members on at a time. 


Requirements to join:


Teamspeak 3

1.1+ win loss ratio (some exceptions made)

2k+ battles



Our corporation mainly speaks English, but we do have groups of German, Portuguese, and Russian/Ukrainian players. We are international with players from Australia, Russia, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. English is not required, but is highly encouraged. 


We offer training and share builds and blueprints with each other. We have a competitive dreadnought team, pirate wings for open space, PvP and PvE squad mates, and one of the best leagues.



We are a competitive corporation with competitive players. We have 0 drama within our corporation and troublemakers are kicked. Message an officer to apply. 


CEO: ArcTic


Vice Presidents:

UkrainianHunter (Russian, Ukrainian, and English)

General (Russian)

RippinHulls(English and Brit talk #GodSaveTheQueen)

ShapeShifter(English and German)





MuflonUrsus(English and Polish)

Moderus(English and German)


OldWagsFunBags(English and more Brit talk #TeaTime)

Doomb0t(English, Russian, and NO!)

Welcome to the forum and good luck

Right then, welcome to the conflict, the WPK wishs you good luck with the corp and a lot of good members! :smiley:

Thanks! Hopefully we can scrimmage you guys sometime! When I was in Ultra we scrimmed rage and I have a few friends in rage.

Welcome bro… We’ll keep the lasers warm for ya!

hey dude! That sounds great lol. We wont vs nasa tho till we get ts up lol. Wouldnt be much of a game with ur organization and our lack thereof. I wll look forward 2 a scrim.



We are growing pretty quickly. Looking forward to getting some scrimmages set up and getting a teamspeak server up. 

If you need a TS3 server right now, I have room in my server. If you are interested, please contact me.

the offer of MrTwiddlez is very kind.


We also offer a public TS from the game


ts.gaijin.net Port 9987

PW Spitfire

TY! i will see about that I think one of my members was thinking about having one hosted. Is the public one U.S. or Russian? 

In case you choose the gaijin one, please let an admin (like me) know, so we can create seperate channels for you

Mine is hosted in Europe. And yes, a channel could also be created for your Corp in the Gaijin TS server as well.

Ok, I’m going to have to pass. My corporation will be using Axon as a form of communications because it has better voice quality, completely private so only corp members can join, can have 50 people on at once and 150 members of the group. It’s also completely free. We may move back to teamspeak in the future if it doesn’t work out. Thank you for your generous offers! 

Ok so just a little update! RadiX is up to 13 members. Our current roster is:

me (ArcTic) CEO (El residente boss, bad joke teller, and recruiter)

Harrypotty (Officer) (El residente Brutha frum anutha mutha)

Ranuvien (officer) (El residentet murderer in his blazingly destructive gunship (OH MY))

Kazz (a boss in and of himself)

Autarch (temp officer)  (Kazz’s boss squadmate and irl friend)

botbait (HOO HAH HAH)

Aelemental (Officer) (El residente that frustrating lrf in the back corner that you just can’t kill)

birdycrazy (El residente PVE master)

iantb7 (El residente greeter)

Mecronmancer (El residente PVP master)

sun112688 (El residente get lots of assists)

Xizithei (El residente Ranuvien’s brother)

Storioni (El residente pirate)


We have a pretty good lineup of guys, all (or most) with Axon. We will be setting up scrimmages against other corporations very soon, hopefully this weekend or the next. We don’t exactly steal members, but a lot of our members just recently left their corporations to join us. (srry)

Welcome !    Go forth and conquer ! 

Will do! hehe sorry we couldn’t play u and recoil the other night. Perhaps today or friday :) 

We are now up to 14 members with the recruitment of StormB who is from ukraine, so we’re an international corp i guess :) 



RadiX has allied with GArc. :)