Radar Range and problem with Steam

I start to play today Invasion CBT and notice something: the radar is very,very,very short. I detect cartel ship in a range of almost 2000m and only when I can wiew the ship. This is very short, especially with long range weapon as Guided Torpedo, Desintegrator, Coil Mortar… In our day we have radar who can detect a little fighter in a range of 50 or 60 kms. So why couldn’t we detect the ship with a better range?


The other point:

When I reedeem the code, I couldn’t play and must do this. I look for the solve and for wait, this is the solution given by rvWORM:



Sorry to reply in this topic as it is a different issue.




Star Conflict - Dark Sector

Purchase date: 1 July 2014 22:27
Purchase type: Activation code



You see I have reedeem a code but I can’t play. So I would like an access to the forum to report the bug!



I originally had the issue that I could not access the invasion/attacked sectors mode after redeeming promo code and am using steam to play. Assuming that this is the same problem you are experiencing and you have correctly linked your Gaijin account to your steam account, and you’re code is shown in your Gaijin account purchases.


Do the following (Quoted from Sergei from Gaijin support team): 

  1. “Launch the game by running the game.exe from the Steam folder: SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\star conflict”
  2. “Log in to your Gaijin account. Check the purchase.”
  3. “Run the game via Steam.”

This solved the issue for me. Hope it helps.

Each ship has a property “Sensor Range”, that can be improved via modules/implant. Leveling ship to the max increasing its sensor range as well.

That’s why recon are OP in solo invasion.

8k sensors range is not hard. You can see further then bots can attack you, and they have micro locator to increase their sight (To find a special target for a quest), warp to flee, and cloak to flee again.

Stay with shield drain and replace spy drone by an hull regen, and here you can travel without problem in this mode.