Racing scenario

Althou the game is still in beta and needs polish in many areas ive decided to throw this idea out there as something i would like to see one day in this game.

Ive used to play freelancer on Void server and there was an racing event there where players would navigate a racing course which was bordered with mines, no weapons where allowed and prizes where handed to first three to finish. This was heaps of fun and i feel that it wouldnt be too hard to implement in starconflict.

Make it as a scenario for 10-20 players, aftherburner could be boosted to give 3x or 4x the current speed or ships could be given a special item which would work as current mwd only with 4 times the aceleration instead of 27. No weapons would be allowed but ships could use mario cart style modules to give them an edge. For eg, a web to slow down the ship in front of you, or a mod which gives you temporary imunity to debufs etc, possibilites are endless. Course can be bordered with minefield so any detour means instant death.

Now in ordered to make balancing easier there might be a need for separete ship tree specificly for this, but it can be also done by simply resuing the interceptor or fighter models. What do you think?

Not my cup of tea but yeah would be very nice to see a race in the game.

  Different classes too so its not pure inty.


the idea of moving asteroid fields would be good for this game mode !! without the gunfighting it may not kill servers :smiley: