R17 Federation Destroyer Name

Now I know you have put lots of thought and planning in to the name of the Rank 17 Federation Destroyer, but I guarantee you this name is more suitable to both the ship’s appearance, and its function.


The ship seen on the login page (from the last event) where you can see the three R17 destroyers in the top right, supposedly the Federation destroyer, looks suspiciously like a fish. Almost like a sea mammal of sorts.


The name I propose for this ship is the “Orca” for multiple obvious reasons.

Yeah, thats never going to happen lol

3 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Yeah, thats never going to happen lol

Lmao but the current name is so bad.

Like it doesn’t even remotely resemble the constellation.

It must be a bad name since i forgot it.

24.08.2021 в 17:58 TheDarkRedFox сказал: Lmao, но нынешнее имя такое плохое. Как будто это даже отдаленно не похоже на созвездие.

And what is the name now?

Isn’t it Partisan/Protazan? 

1 hour ago, niripas said:

Isn’t it Partisan/Protazan? 

Nah that’s a random DLC ship like Plague Doctor and Polar Bear. R17 Fed dessy is the Albireo