Quick idea to make the market more "appealing"

Another suggestion i now directly would throw in (even if this might no more fit into the suggestion part of Economy):

Change/add an exchange options for us. What i mean with this is the way to change Credits–>MGS (Market Gold Standarts). I see already the comments that this would “destroy” the game cus players would simply farm credits (what isn´t really hard anyways in the later tiers) and so no one would buy any GS anymore. I must say… this is quite wrong cus i have seen another game where it was even possible to exchange Credits into the normal Prem currency but purchases still where made.

The “trick” here is to find an balance between both systems. 1st of all MGS can only be used for the market (what the name already implies) while GS can still be used for anything (this includes the market as well). 2nd of all the exchange rate will be way different then the GS–>Credits one (x10 as quick idea now). 3rd of all (and where i´m a bit unsure atm cus it would counter 1st out) is to make crates available for the MGS (again with x10 value). Cus i sadly have no idea what the (current) min/max prices for the items and the tiers are this could work or not but with the quick idea it would mean the following values (including the “you save x%” amount):

  • 20 MGS =  80k Credits
  • 105 MGS = 399k Credits (5%)
  • 1090 MGS = 4.004k Credits (9%)
  • 2.825 MGS = 10.005k Credits (13%)
  • 5.850 MGS = 19.920k Credits (17%)
  • 12.000 MGS = 40.000k Credits (20%)

Again cus i have no idea about the prices and i would suggest the idea of an fixed market it would need certain prices for the items depending on the Tier they belong to. As example values i would suggest the following prices.

  • T1 = 100 MGS
  • T2 = 350 MGS
  • T3 = 600 MGS
  • T4 = 850 MGS
  • T5 = 1.100 MGS

Like i said this is an quick idea that came into my mind for the market where the values have an fixed amount of price. So suggestions and ideas are welcome here as well as pros and cons from the “veterans” of the game.