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it is planned that can pilot the predator and alien hunter in open space later? ^^

  1. Can we have confirmation if the Pirate Destroyers are at the very least _working? _I ask since none of the vocal community have been able to collect any data or have even seen them thus far - we don’t even know where to look.

  2. Okay so playable Wood louse dream is shattered, are there any 16-17 Destroyers in development?

  3. Can you confirm if the seemingly “bugged” module destruction numbers are actually bugged or an undocumented change? Currently sometimes module destructions do triple the listed destruction number.

  4. Are there any planned changes to the “Destroyer” (the alien kind) Open Space encounter? There is currently little to no insentive to participate as what Iridium it gives you can get more from mining and the seed chip drops are rarely ever good rolls and as a result the same Destroyer instance is typically open for multiple days at a time only to return 4 hours after being killed.

  5. Are there any plans for PvP map rotations or for the return of some maps to the PvP MM? Some maps have been out of the MM for a rather extended period of time and I’m just a bit curious.

it is planned to bring back old Daily login rewards (1Day premium licence after 5 daily logins)? 

Will it be possible to obtain the Pirate weapons and Missile Slot Weapons again? It’s been half a year since the moon pass it would be nice to make it at least obtainable somehow, DLC or otherwise.

  1. Seeing how Ellydium ships are “evolved” by the players, are there any plans of allowing them to grow from rank 15 to 17?


  1. Will the original special project ships (Mjolnir / Octopus / Saw One / etc.) be allowed to use ship modifiers / active modules from other ships similar to how premium ships are allowed? (e.g. “Spark” can use the active module “Magnetic Distruptor” from the “Appllo” ship but a “Mjolnir” can’t)


  1. Will we be allowed to reroll the affixes on a Seed Chips to get new ones in their place? 
  1. From what I’ve been able to glean from old topics, the Gargoyle(and Dart) weapons and accessory mods come from some event? which isn’t running now? Can we expect that event soon?
  2. Any plans for modules to fill the upper level “…And Premium ships of the same type” gaps caused by so many 15+ ships being Special Projects?
  3. Will there be defensive and maybe even drone centric seed chips?
  4. Are there going to be more hangers/free warp zones? Places like Terminal D seem like they should be, is that indicative, or am I just reading too much into the design?

If the Black Ghost is locked till next Halloween :


Could we have the possibility to apply the Skin of the ship on other Destroyer?

Are you planning to create other weapons like the “Main Caliber” released in the Black Ghost DLC?


Is New Foundation a multi-phase event?

Are there plans for more Ellydium ships in the near future?


I do not understand how works stages from New Foundation events. I bought the deluxe New Foundation pass and reach the stage 10.After I bought the New Foundation pass and get any new stages!


Thanks for your help

Have a nice day



RE: Crystal mines and drones.


Just want to know if these are permanent additions to the game or if they’ll be gone after the New Foundation event is over.




Is there any chance that the self destruct option will return. Having to use all my missiles to self destruct when getting pushed Out of bounds by .e.g Gravi Waver is kinda annoying and takes ages.

Will there be a faction offensive in the near future?


Right, wording was a bit vague, meant as in faction offensives to take back sectors cybers have captured. There hasn’t been one since the 4th of January.

When will bots be removed from PvP?

will TAX be reduced in the future?



is ellydium ships vulnerable to collision damage?



before removing materials, can you make a notice with certain details at least 2 weeks earlier?

Hi, for the Berserker Ship / Привет, для корабля берсеркеров


Is it possible to request for its Flag size to be increased? No worries if not / Можно ли попросить увеличить размер его флага? Не беспокойтесь, если нет


Here’s the screenshot of the Viking, / Вот скриншот Викинга,




Storm Viking, / Шторм Викинг,




Jarl, / Ярл, 




Then here’s the screenshot of the Berserker / Тогда вот скриншот Берсерка




Can’t speak Russian. Used Yandex Translate / Не говорит по-русски. Используется Яндекс Перевод


Thanks for the time / Спасибо за потраченное время



Why was game mode ‘Combat Recon’ (VIP) removed from the map pool ? Will it ever return or canned permanently ?

Will Devs consider doing another Developer Livestream with perhaps a Q&A on Discord ? Almost 6 months since announcement of the Credit Ship rework, would be nice to see and hear an in-depth update of progress. If the rework is indeed going ahead I think it’d be one of the biggest patches in recent years.

xenochips are unavailable now?

The activity last to march 10th,isn’t it?