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Let’s kick this off with something simple,what alien ship will follow now,the frigate or the interceptor?

Wow, so we have now jumped straight from winter 2016 to 2017? Where had the summer 2017 gone :open_mouth:


anyway, to the question.


When can we expect Ellydium LRF to arrive (approx. weeks from now (January 3rd))? I would like to know this due to some financial matters. Thank you for your answer.

Will the rest of the alien ships be released one by one or will you release more at the same time? How long a delay should we expect?

We were expecting OS update… is it coming up?

Will PvP ever allow slotting ships of rank 10 with rank 15? Going up against Antares, which in the right hands, can be tricky and is usually best countered with another Antares or ofc Sirius and I slot Antares with other t5’s for CTB but in other modes I can’t use mine but go up against one pretty regularly.

This is only a suggestion if the matchmaker is going to keep allowing lower ranks (10) in higher ranks (15).

Also in CTB (T5) I had a rank 6 in with me. REALLY? (not much in the way of help)…

Ok so what about the loyalty from Ellydium,as the description says,we can earn xenochips from the station,just like we do with the tasks,so will we get other methods of obtaining them aside the daily tasks and tournaments before 17?

  1. Will there be an Ellydium/Alien Destroyer(I’m not refering at the Destroyer ‘Andromeda’ Spec Ops) and if yes, when likely?
  2. Why you introduce a new grind to make it ‘a fair start for all to grind the new ship’ just to throw the normal grinders(player that don’t pay) in their nuts with giving money thrower container to bypass the grind to these?
  3. Will you finally introduce a tier-based(tier 1 - rank 1-3|tier 2 - rank 4-6|tier 3 - rank 7-9|tier 4 - rank 10-12|tier 5 - rank 13-15) contract system instead of your current fufu penalizing one, that disable any progression for those playing r12 and less with already unlocked r13 ships?

When do you plan on simplifying currencies? My poor little brain has no idea how to build stuff anymore because there are far too many layers of currencies and not enough information in-game about them.

When we can have a game more honest on the price of new things, and when we can see this game more meritocratic about skilled module and no automatic things?and finally when we can have a nerf on remote minelayer and vacuum laser (pvp is full of vigliant with 8k range… )

Will you remove the Interceptor blind spots?, the original introduction for the blind spots was related to turnkeys (automovement.) With that component completely removed should the blind spots also be removed.  As I might have mentioned before dogfights simply come down to the most maneuverable interceptor.  This is a very frustrating addition to the game for me and pilots that enjoy interceptors.  This also affects rotational circling of enemies and more importantly forcing interceptors to slow down.  With there being more and more anti interceptor weapons (auto aim,instant hit weapons, 10K ms projectiles, destro one hit weapons . . . ) to interceptors more than ever would it not make sense to give a small bone to them.

3. Any discussion in this subject will be considered as flame and offtopic and will be punished appropriately.

Please! Take this serious. Next time it won’t be just hiding posts.

Well we haven’t really got our answers yet so:

Will you remove those 100 credit drops?

(Yes I asked this again just so the post wont get deleted but in vain I suppose.)


Will we get more storage place in the future? The 1500 starting to be not enough.

Can you give the guard ships their original 6 guns/weapons back that they had in the closed beta? Then it was considered overpowered but now it wouldn’t be, because that’s basically what the Mass accelerator gave us with the extra 25% increase.

Will the NY weapons (Phase Suppressor NY, Mass Accelerator NY, and Flux Phaser NY) be removed on the 17th? Also when will the trading ACTUALLY be implemented? We were promised trading…

6 hours ago, PapyMcBites said:

Will the NY weapons (Phase Suppressor NY, Mass Accelerator NY, and Flux Phaser NY) be removed on the 17th? Also when will the trading ACTUALLY be implemented? We were promised trading…

Trading will be implemented as soon as it will be ready, but not in January 17 update. We will try to deliver some new info on it in the next Dev blog 

Will trading be limited to blueprints or will it include other items (resources)?

Any plans about iridium??

1)İs Mauler gonna get special modules(soon or late)?

2)İs there a plan for new skill sets for standard classes(guard,engineer etc)?

3)İs there any new module for standard classes?