Questions to the developers Winter 2017

*1 - Nowadays new players ask like this:“wht’s the best faction?” etc. but quickly they realize that factions (and 3 old stations) are not so much important.

Q1: Will you rework/adapt the faction implemetation and game-story immersion?

*2 - Group and corporation competition is open to ships from all faction even in mixed ship sets ( in piers 1-4)

Q2: Will there be faction limited competitions, like Federation dreadnaughts protected only by federation class ships vs Empire dread w/ empire ships in future? (faction based corps even?) Would result in  loyalities like in the Harry Potter Hogwarts - 4 houses effect - not?

Ok sure about trading, but will the NY weapons (Phase Suppressor NY, Mass Accelerator NY, and Flux Phaser NY) be removed on the 17th?

*3 - NY weapons (reminded by PapyMB):

Q3: When they’ll be removed, will they evaporate into oblivion dev/zero - or will they disassemble into parts and materials for the players?

Are there items and things listed as obtainable right now in components and crafting (i.e. Crystal Plate Hull Blue Print), that are NOT actually obtainable at the moment such as Electrum? IF SO… Is there a list of these (currently unobtainable items), and where is it located? If there is no list, would you please provide one for us?


EDIT: To elaborate and be more specific about my question, I’m asking because there are components and items that, no matter what I seem to do, i just can’t get EVER which is very fishy to me. HOWEVER, the description states very clearly how to get them. Yet no matter how often you do the specified parameters in the item descriptions, i just can’t get the Crystal Plate Hull (Blue Print) or Electrum. If these are not obtainable, then IN GAME there should be an annotation that states as such for any item.

Will the NY weapons have their special destro damage bonus transferred to their original counterparts when the event ends?

I particularly like how they have that bonus, because the original versions of those weapons are sadly some of the most underused and underrated guns in the game and having that bonus gives them a special purpose.

Will destroyers of rank 14 come back to production? And when?


you stand a chance R14 DD player you missed even one? 

if yes  When?

if not why?


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Will we get a buff for the isotope harvester? The module need way more power :confused:

What happen to this ship? Did he get abandoned?


If yes why? If no will he be one of the new “credit available ship”? Look realy cool we need more “big tank” looking ships! ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

  1. Why aren’t we able to get SP parts from Spec Ops(Destroyer ‘Andromeda’/Defiler) anymore?
  2. What’s the estimated amount of destroyer parts(full plates, not the ores) gained from Spec Ops?

Are there plans for a better MM in tournaments (if any other than corp vs corp wings) or the weak corp wings will always face the same strong corporations?

Also, why do tournament teams have to face the same enemy that already won against them so often?

Why aren’t there some sort of statistics based on the performance of each player individually in tournaments? MM should work with special tournament statistics.      

In tournaments the remaining time when the readiness check is completed, have any effect on who will be the enemy team?

Why do you give Promo Accounts WITH  n00b bonus out to experienced players. It is definitely not close to balanced when you let them with  increased dmg AND ressistnace  play normal PvP






Question #3


Can we expect in the near future (2017 or early 2018) updates to Open Space which force Corporations to set up a Base in the sectors they control that will hold their resources that if not protected (protection would include automated sentries, shields and drones, that you could select and build just like how you build other things as a corporation), other players or corporations could mount attacks against said bases and steal those resources?

Question #5


Can we expect in the near future an open space update that allows for more open space dynamic battles and farming as a corporation?

Question #6


Will all of the Ellydium ships be upgradable to any rank like the Thar’Ga?

Question #7


Can we expect an expansion on the current implant system that will include Pilot specializations? In other words can we expect in the near future an update to the implant system?

Question #8


Is the Oculus Rift fully compatible and bug free with the current state of the game? if not when can we expect it to be bug free?

Quesion #9


Can we expect a new Ellydium ship once a month from here on out until they are all released?

Question #10


Can we expect in the near future (2017, early 2018) for PVP match making to change to allow groups of any size to play against non groups?