Questions to the developers Autumn 2017

May i have the math behind engineer active modules like mass shield and nanodrone cloud? I would like to know how to calculate the exact healing power of each based on a specific energy cap volume at any given time/build.

Any plan to rework Satellite Crystal and Inhibitor Crystal icons? The current icon is a copy of others active modules with different colours. Also Tai’Thaq negative effect is incorrect.

Извините как теперь осуществляется управление кораблем? Как называется режим управления кораблем когда корабль поворачивается вслед за движением мыши? И есть ли он такой?

What’s the next Ellydium ship class?

Will there ever be any more forum competitions? If so, when will they have rewards that are even close to worth the effort?

Why have destroyers been nerfed excessively?

Battle Station attacks invisible ships and enemies behind obstacles, this is a special ability? Please add this in module description.

#1 Will we see the ability to dock on destroyers (for refuel, repair, module switch etc)?

#2 Will we see AI- wingmen ships like in other space sim games (had them in 90s space games)?

Projectile speed booster implant works for pitch/roll of Tai’Al launcher? Pinch/Roll information is missing, any plan to add this in weapon description? This is a important information of this weapon.

Do you plan on making a secret project ship makeover?

Any plant to make destroyer modules targetable? It’s difficult destroy them when we can’t see them.

When will you answer my 35 questions and why did you delete them when I posted them?



Why are you guys changed Waz’Dum (Waz’Got weapon) projectile visual effect? The old Waz’Dum projectile visual effect it’s so nice.

  1. I dislike having only a gunship at r15 (Thar’Ga), when do the other alien-fighters come out?


  1. Tai’Kin dies even faster to every obstacle whereas DaggerV for example can collide many times with obstacles without dying almost instantly.

* When does collision damage on alien ships get fixed?

* Or can we get a collision avoidance cpu or col dampener engine for these alien ships? Being stunned is not a good solution (except maybe for warp-failsafe).


  1. How does the ship rework look like? Will all ships become customizable like Thar’Ga (btw: even there you are forced to make some choices for others or rank-ups)
  1. Will people without GS ever have a realistic chance to get all destoryer modules and weapons again?


  1. Will we get another chance to collect R14 destroyer resources via Broker?


  1. Will other DLC ships than Phoenix and Reaper also get alternative special modules, to make it more worth it to buy them?


  1. Will the next Ellydium project require even more resources than Waz’got and will it also require you to research special modules in order to be able to progress further in evolving it than rank 8?


  1. Will any more ships get a new model like the Hercules and the Deimos types did, if so can you tell us which ones?


  1. Will there be another “custom taunt contest”?

Why “reduce energy consumption node” (Waz’Got node) doesn’t work for Battle Station (Waz’Got module)?


Special Th’ak’Len container can be taken from loot after battles if you’re flying on rank 8 ships. It consists parts and blueprint ;}

——CinnamonFake, (Posted September 6)

I would like to know the way to obtain [Th’ak’Len R8-12]

when I fly my rank10, it doesnt give me the right Th’ak’Len container


in the news section, the description says you can obtain the 8-12 ones with a rank10 ship , which is not,

I only get the 5-9 ones everytime, would you clarify the right way to obtain this container?

Th’ak’Len Container

can we get information on new engineer modules next?

Hello devs. I have same questions for yours.


  1. Is there any chance to rebalanced drop chance to box/containers or items for R8/R11/R14 destroyers ? i have same items blueprints 5-6x and people sell all this items. Trade system is good but need more improved. Parts/items for destroyers has very very very low drop chance and its problem to buy. ( frame photon emmiter R11-R14 selling to 10-12K GS) ----Its time to P2W system  ??? Same containers on last  week not drop. Its removed or what ??? Or i need again buying premium licence to increased % to drop chance this containers where is parts to build destro weapons. In first wave R14 destro all weapons is open.


  1. Why is this game very bad balanced to CO-OP and MM ? Why enemy alien ships is R15 and its buffed 100-200% damage,hull, shields, critical damage and more. New player in R11 ship in basic weapons and not upgraded has no chance. Its dead only few seconds. This is yours idea how to balanced game ???  Give maximum R14 ships to join Co-op not only to R12 ships and game is better balanced ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) future its this game more balanced or need again waiting more month to new update when its reduced destroyers again and bugs not fixed. Koromac and many good players post to forum many bugs and problems. But its not fixed. This game is good but people call to more improved.


(sry for my chaotic eng.)


1# Do you guys plan to increase the effects of the “Repair drone Operator” ?

I mean, that’s a pretty nice repair-based module, but ONLY 1470 pts. restored to the one who picks up the drone and 1101 pts. restored to everyone around… that’s just too weak for the Waz’Got’s “LAST” special module ; only interceptors can be effectively repaired with those ones… (if they first notice the repair-pack of course…)

Maybe (at least) 40% stronger ? Or just increased repair for the one who’s picking up the pack ? (Increased visuals would be nice too, some players - with ships in a pretty terrible state - are flying around without even noticing them…)


2# what’s supposed to come next after ships-rework (and OS-rework on new Year) ? Rather a new Ellydium-ship or something else ? If another Elly_d_ium craft, then just whatever you want but please NOT THE DESTROYER !!! That would just ruin the entire story about alien-tech research, better set it as the very last released ship ! Release the pinnacle of alien-tech mastery AFTER all the other classes… would make more sense regarding storyline… ![:005:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/005.png “:005:”)


3# Yeah, there’s that OS-rework thing… but when should we expect some new OS-maps ? Like the ravaged Metropolis-worlds ? Or maybe some fully “wreckaged” battlefields ? I heard that new maps are not included in the upcoming OS-update… are they ?


4# That story-part with the large-scale offensive planned by Ellydium on Revenant installations… is it suppose_d_ to be a hint for a potentially new pve-scenario ?



5# What’s that all about that Alien-composite-block-rush ? Far too much of them right now : at least 350 blocks a day (I mean please, who’s consuming so much of them ??? ![:00:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/00.png “:00:”) ) ! Are you planning something similar (even if less… “intense”…) for xenocrystals and/or electrum ?


6# is the “Ellydium Corporation” sticker - introduced in the “Evolution factor”-pack - going to be added to the standard faction-stickers anytime soon (in the tuning-menu, NOT as an exclusive sticker in another Ellydium “starter-pack”…) ?


7# Will the special skins for the Ellydium ships (“Astromech”, “Night-stalker”, “Agressor”…) ever become available again ? Maybe as an option in the tuning-menu too (but more expensive than ordinary skins of course… skins should not become immediately available as tuning-option for new ships though) ?


8# That strange “Laboratory” Tab in the corporation-screen… what plans for it ?