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1)  Where can one actually get the blueprints for the [Th’ak’Len R8-12] and the [Th’ak’Len R11-15] for the Waz’Got? The blueprints are not listed in the [Cache Contents List](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/33224-cache-contents-list/)

Any news about the OS rework? Will it happen this year?

Autumn started, when game balance rework?

  1. will we get get new sectors with the os rework?

  2. some map are no longer avaible in pvp, we’ll get them back or some new one are on the way ?

  3. when the first reworked ship will came out, all players that have purchased the ship will get access to new feature or we’ll have to get them in another way ? if yes how ?

  4. can we expect something new about aliens world? ships, sectors, stories…



Can we expect new special operations or PvE missions this fall? Maybe one that involves corporation dreadnougt in OS? Follow up will we be able to actually fly around with corporation dreadnougt in OS?

Where i can find “entangled shards”?

For some time the matchmaker was working well and it was possible to get matches reliably in a 2-pilot squad. Then it stopped working again. When and how do you plan to address this?

You guys recently put out a poll about having matchmaker cover 5 ranks in pvp with buffs to the lower ranked ships
do you have a conceivable plan to making this work without completely and utterly destroying everything you’ve worked so hard to build? I say this because while I know it’s true that some ranks have trouble getting into battles at certain times of night, specifically in the 10-12 range and lower ranks… however, at other times, there are enough players online at all ranks that matchmaker isn’t a big deal

my main concerns are:

  1. that players will abuse the buffs to certain ships, thar’ga comes to mind… imagine the edge they could have if they forgo some of the ship items to lower their rank, getting the buffs without losing much in the long run… the concept might sound good, but I can see Players Exploiting this all too easily… (afterall, we players live to exploit your mistakes)
  2. Would these buffs make leveling and getting higher tier ships obsolete?
    3) and most importantly (from a business standpoint) how much potential money will star conflict lose when one fancy ship will cover the ranks of 2 fancy ships? the premium ships have always been at the top of their tier… 3, 6, 9, 12, 15… but what would happen if a player can bring the 3 and 12 ships into all battles, and have buffs to make up for any differences? there’d be no reason to buy any of the other premium ships anymore… 

why are waz’got items not usable at lower ranks?

When “Proximity Mortar” will available again? We can craft in “Workshop” or buy with “Galactic Standard” or maybe we can buy with “Credits”?

Will Star Marathon ever return?

what were the developers thinking with coolant distributor?

1.) Why are you not fixing some of the older bugs that are really affecting gameplay experience?

I had written over 350 bug reports and counting. Some bugs that I posted, are months, some even over a year old.


2.) Since the Instruction nanoprojectors is the ‘Universal’ and most rare resource, do you plan to add this ‘Evolution’ item to some daily or weekly missions or make them craftable as well?


3.) While I agree that loot drops are now acceptable and well tuned.

However, I still think that the way of how you handle ‘Evolution’ of Ellydium ships, is wrong, in terms of progression and in regard to special modules.

Why did you completely neglect the fact that you could obtain the special module upgrade by simply completing all three objectives? (good example: Thar’Ga)


4.) Limit caps are doing nothing, they’re mostly just hindering a legitimate process of earning legitimate items with grind progression, unless if you pay to completely bypass it.

Why do you think that such questionable move was really necessary and how do you justify it?


5.) I am getting spam-attacked, almost on a daily basis by corporation invites! This could be considered as a form of abuse, in a way.

How do you plan to protect End-users from such practices, regardless if they’re intentional or not? Annoying!


6.) Why don’t you implement the Amount option, where you can enter a precise amount with a number of Iridium, if someone wants to donate some to the corporation?


7.) When do you plan to update your Fan-Art Kit? It has not yet been updated for quite some time now.


8.) In my opinion, almost every economic aspect grows worse with each new update. One such bad example was moving all destroyer modules to the Trading System.

How do you plan to rectify such a decision, if you plan to do so at all?


9.) Supposedly, the Command class is coming after the final stage of Waz’Got Evolution is finished. 

Can you hint, if this is true?


10.) How do I become a Super-Tester and what privileges and duties come with it and with whom should I talk to if I want more information?


11.) Why don’t you implement the same feature, like the one in War Thunder, where you can use the Replay System to watch or record battles?

This would also help against cheaters and hackers in Star Conflict that are exploiting/abusing possible vulnerabilities that are not client-side dependent.

I can assure you that such people exist in the World of Star Conflict! Gaijin should help (S)Targem with this.



12.) Are you constantly upgrading the security protection of the game to detect third-party modifications, etc.?

Are damage values, including critical hits and hit-box detection also based on the client-side - on your server?


13.) How many players on average do you ban each month for use of forbidden third-party modifications and violations of the user agreement in Star Conflict alone?


14.) What do additional security layers do and how you plan to implement this to prevent new bots or scripts from spamming in the Trade and Global chat section?

I am talking about more efficient and secure means to prevent this issue rather than curing it with the Report option.


15.) Why don’t you implement Special Operation missions - 24/7, with 2-hour rotation? This is the most asked thing from both communities, endorsed!


16.) Why don’t you provide free blueprints for Proximity mortar 9, Proximity mortar 12, Proximity mortar 15, Gun Adapter 12 and Gun Adapter 15 in the Workshop for credits only?

I think that such items should become available for free for all players since they are no longer as exclusive as they once were.


17.) This issue has been annoying for me and many others for quite some time now. It’s quite relevant to the gameplay. When do you plan to correct it?

I know that Skula said: “Not a bug.” That’s why I had written a suggestion as well. It would really be helpful if you implement it as soon as possible.


18.) Do you plan to make access to universal blueprints - Ellydium weapons and modules easier and faster, not linked to the other related nodes in the Ship Tree?


19.) When will we see improved ‘Loading Tips’ on the Loading Screen?


[Loading tips - final](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14389)


20.) Rule 5 has been broken many times now! It is said, and I quote: “The thread will be cleaned at least once a week.” Why isn’t it cleaned and/or reviewed once a week?


21.) Is it possible to expand or improve the Spatial Scanner functionality to detect any and all items in range through obstacles, and identify such items immediately?

Spatial Scanner is helpful today, but it’s not that great, it’s lacking functions in this regard.


22.) Karma was planned in the past to be more important in certain aspects of ‘Open Space’ mode. Do you plan to finally add this feature to mean something, or is it just cosmetic, superficial?


23.) Do you plan to add some Ellydium specific, non-related or connected/interlinked nodes that are only available/active in ‘Open Space’ mode?

I am talking about the ability to recharge the Fuel cell, if you kill an enemy ship within a certain range, or if you stop the ship’s movement or use of its modules completely, etc.


24.) How many of (S)Targem developers are currently working only on the Star Conflict project? I am only asking for a correct number.


25.) What is your current time estimate, when will we have all 10 Ellydium ships available and researched? One or two years, or more?


26.) Why is Star Conflict not getting more popular and how do you plan to rectify this? Do you admit your own mistakes?


27.) Can you at least give me a proper estimate of the currently active player base?

I think that there might be between of 20-30k active players at most. Am I correct about this?


28.) How do you plan to help newer players, who later realize that they must buy or trade their way through to get all module/weapon equipment for all destroyers?

Do you plan to add some time-limited event, when you can at least obtain all the parts or blueprints for free, for a limited time?


29.) Is financial stability of Star Conflict currently still assured? Is the game still planned to stand active and evolve in the next 2 years?


30.) A friend of mine used a Duplicator on a wrong person (wreck) that died afterward, again! When can we expect this suggestion to be implemented? It’s over one year old already!


31.) When will ‘Combat Boosters’ be fully independently customized for each and every ship slot? This suggestion is over two years old already!


32.) Can you give me the mathematical formula that you use to properly calculate DPS and Fire Rate of main weapons?

What other factors or conditions do I need to account for?

If there are any additional things that I need to be aware of, write them as well, like FPS, ping, discrepancies etc.


33.) Is (S)Targem development team working on multiple projects, and if so, can you name all of them?


34.) Why am I getting all of my posts basically censored or made invisible - pending for approval, when I post something in the Suggestion section?

Rules are clear and were already accepted by me. I have several thousand of forum posts, don’t need any additional supervision. I am not a bot!

Why do you violate my right of expression, which was granted, when I accepted the rules on this forum, especially when I did not have any recent violations of such?





35.) Why are we getting big updates once a month now? Why such delays now? We used to get one update every two weeks.





That’s the third time today i take 1v1 against destroyer without destroyer, off course i lose these fights.


When you change matchmaker system?

Will there be a change to the cache’s we find and the o so limited funds we need to open them ?


My question is to R14 destro. New patch reduced speed, armor, turret strenght and more to destroyers. Is there any chance tu open/unlock all R15 weapons for R14 destro which would be as compensation for that reduction? To the extent that some components can be bought, it is very low to produce a R15 weapon. Even when the subject is found, the price is very high. Then it discourages playing this game.

I ask for a review to open all the R15 weapons for the R14 destro  Thx


My second question is to Co-Op mode. In this time in co-op there is available only for levels 1-12. Any chance to increase level 14 ? Thx

have nice day for all 


(sry for my chaotic eng.)

Can we expect the rework to old ships to come closer to Halloween or Christmas? And are y’all planning on adding more skins to the game (premium or event) ?


1.When the th’ak’len will be availble in T5 ?

2.will destroyers be taken back to their original state and so missiles ammo(static shield, repaire drones)?

3.Is the scale of systems in os rework will be much bigger ?

4.can we expect new mechanics like the battle station in the near future ?

5.maybe it’s a bit early to talk about it but if we get new stations in os:

-who will be the owner? (local civilans, pirates, cartel, cyber, bounty hunters, police, corporations…)

-will they work like the current one we have or it will be a place where we can buy stuff like,exclusive ships upgrades, weapons, modules…

-different items depending of the location? exclusive sales?

-and our reputation (karma) will affect items we get access to or station we’ll be able to dock ?


Thanks for your time!

space traveller Endeav.

Sooo… you guys just released an update just to reduce the Waz’got’s self-repair-capacity ? Not sure that one was necessary, but we’ll…

So why did the Dev’s actually decide to nerf ellydium ships back to a… standard (and absolutely-not-exceptional) state by reducing stats all around in order to balance the game for “Non-ellydium-pilots” ?


Why not instead keeping the ships as powerfully as they used to be at the beginning and just making them more difficult to craft ?