Questions to developers

Greetings to everyone! First weeks of closed-beta were good lesson for Star Conflict developers team. We are very pleased to see so many fans of our game in this forum! If you have any questions about Star Conflict, post it here and developers answers will be next week. :002j:

Congrats for so gorgeous work.

  1. Will we get translations to other languages, spanish, italian, german for example?

  2. When you estimate to release the firt open beta?

Thank you.

SC is definitely very promising. Learn from your “rivals”, pick up good aspects & add your own flavour and you have a winner.

Questions 1-3 have a small connection between each other.

  1. How will you motivate & encourage players on early stage to keep pushing towards the end? Will the disadvantage called “one starting spaceship” change? The learning curve is very high atm, as you would have to pay for “practise tutorials”.

  2. Is there “end-game content” (i.e. you have all the ships, what now)?

  3. How will clan activity differ from “normal” random playing, and are there any connections between these two forms of playing?

  4. How many game modes are you planning to introduce in finished version?

  5. Will you introduce clearer tech-trees for each class (interceptor, fighter, frigate), info whether skill you have learnt is passive/active/module tech and info about “builds” for classes like support/defence/assault?

  6. I thought about frigate and bigger ships (6+ guns) - could it allow many players to operate one in coop mode (pilot, 1-2 gunners)?

all the squad commands will be in chat forever?

or you will make some buttons later?


hope i dont come to late^^

First off, will there be an improved chat system? I mean atm its only one chat with 3 different colors (global, team, enemyteam^^). We need much more for example country (with your language), clan, global, team, squad and the ability to whisper someone. Also being able to change the color and size of the text would be nice.

How many servers will be there at release? Something like one for europe, ami, asia or even for different countrys like germany, britain and russia? Or will you do it like Eve-Online with one big global server?

Will you add a changing environment to the battlefield? I mean something like asteroids passing your way and if you get hit you die. Or you can shoot some of the rocks on the field with a cruise missile or nuke and it explodes into many smaller pieces that can hit other players. It would be funny to destroy the rock someone is hiding behind.

Then lets come to the beacons. Only 4 easy killable drones around it? Its way to simple and boring to capture them. How about a varienty of different drones (a sniper drone with long range, repair drone that heals the other drones and friendly players nearby, recon drone that can spot enemys at 10km range and so on…). Or even a build module that the player can equip to build more drones around a beacon (like up to 6) an he can choose which one to place.

How exactly does matchmaking works? I for example skipped the tier 2 ships so that I had to play really long with my standard tier 1 ships to get to tier 3. After a while I had the best equipment and much more expierence than every other player with only tier 1 ships and was able to dominate all battles I played. It was good for me, but maybe bad for all the beginners out there.

Then I buyed only one tier 3 ship to test it out and instantly got matched with players having only 1 tier 2 ship up to players with 3 tier 4 ships. As you can imagine the balance of the teams got even worse. And yes I know, there are to few players in the beta to have a properly working matchmaking.

So I ask you, what do you take into account for the matchmaking system? Is it only the tier of your ship(s) or also the experience you spent in the skilltree or even the efficiency points you get per match (which means the better you are). I mean it was a bit to easy if you get matched only with Aces when you are the best player in 90% of your games, just because you didn´t advanced into a higher tier.

And that’s all, folks!?

Are you joking me!?

The developers tried to input in the game the whole Universe! And that’s all you want know about it!?

I can’t believe it!

Give you the last chance to do it, during this week we’ll give the official answers.

I dont get it, what kind of questions do you want ?

I dont get it, what kind of questions do you want ?

Just things you would like to know about the future and so on;)

Just things you would like to know about the future and so on;)

I see… soo… will i be rich when i grow up? ‘.’ /kiding

whats the next gamemode when the time comes? already any idea ?

Sorry didn’t notice this thread until now (even though it is pinned).

  1. What will your philosophy be for developing the combat? As I see it, there are two choices. Do you intend for the combat to be heavily based around dogfighting with an attacking ship trying to position itself behind the other? Or will you continue to allow all ships to shoot each other at wide angles (>60°), meaning both combatants will constantly fire at one another?

  2. Are you going to implement capital ships and starbases with fortifications and such?

  3. Do you plan to implement any alternative game modes to capture point battles?

  4. Upon release, will cash bought gold be required to form groups? (like in WoT)

Will take this opportunity to congratulate the devs on the brilliant job they have done. This is one of the best looking and feeling games I have played, especially for a beta version. It also seems be very economical with hardware, this will certainly help you gain a wide audience. The only problem I have is with the main weapon firing mechanics. So far there has been a compromise between dogfighting and omnidirectional engagement, I think one method of play should be picked. Otherwise you won’t satisfy either crowd so well (I prefer dogfighting by the way =p).

yeah! I’m so happy to see here somebody alive and interested! ))

I’m really disappointed now.

And that’s all, folks!?

Are you joking me!? And that’s all you want know about it!?

Frankly meaning that our questions weren’t good enough nor “right” ones. That’s not mature behaviour to despise comments and questions like that. What part of “any questions about Star Conflict” you think we missed?

Just a hint. If this is an important thread (note: IF, basing on your behaviour) and you want to ensure majority of players see this thread, don’t hide it to sub-thread. Place it to the News section where people visit more often. Start a poll about what area of the game interest players most and about what they need more information.

Just things you would like to know about the future and so on;)

And questions related to future game mechanics aren’t those “things”?

—the whole Universe

It has been clearly stated that this is an instance-based game, not open world like EVE. I wonder what you meant by that comment. You want us to ask about history/backstory? In a game where it doesn’t really matter what faction you belong as you can change it when you will. Majority see here only the random battles and pvp and that, game mechanics, needs to be the catch. If it isn’t interesting, people won’t continue playing. In a good game playing supports backround story, just having a vast lore doesn’t help others than fanatics. Think about WOT - same mechanics, “factions” play side by side in pvp matches, and it surely has WW2+ period as its backround story but people doesn’t need to know about that at all.

Perhaps this is a language problem, I take it you are Russian ApelsinkO?

I think she just meant it’s good that there is another post, even one more is better than nothing. I’m a bit surprised there aren’t more posts here too. In fact this entire forum seems a bit dead. Must admit I haven’t posted much myself. The only meaningful feedback I can give is about the firing system, which I mention at every opportunity I get…

I remember when closed beta started many players had a lot of questions and now no one wants to ask;)

I remember when closed beta started many players had a lot of questions and now no one wants to ask;)

Maybe have an intergrated link in the game after playing it takes to a part of the forum when closing to ask players for feedback comments and questions. Just an idea like Might help towards getting questions to the dev team :slight_smile:

And that’s all, folks!?

Are you joking me!?

The developers tried to input in the game the whole Universe! And that’s all you want know about it!?

I can’t believe it!

Give you the last chance to do it, during this week we’ll give the official answers.

First off I appreciate the possibility to ask the devs whatever we want. I´m not used to it from other space mmos^^ Keep it up, I like it.

So here are 3 more questions:

Will you add customization options for the ships you own? Like attach a clan logo on it or changing the color. Would be nice to see your with hard work build clan dreadnought with a big clan logo and tag on it.

Can you tell us something about yourself (Star Gem Inc.), the developers of Star Conflict? When did you guys came up with the idea of the game, when development started? How many people are working on Star Conflict and do you encountered problems during development, like a feature you tried to implement but turned out to actually didn´t fit well into the game?

What are the latest patchnotes? Client says we have version but there is no update in the english news section.

I’m really disappointed now.

Come on, girl. He was joking and just encouraging other players to participate…!

Yeah, really… Encouraging to participate… So to you comments like “Thats all!?” “Are you joking me!?” “Give you the last chance to do it” REALLY sounds like an invitation? Or, could you take off your fanboy-glasses, stop being naive and read that comment again. If you still think ApelsinkO is just being “funny” then I really doubt your ability to read English. Someone who takes a task of moderator can’t really afford to be dumb. They represent something, you know? Like, the community?

I 'm sorry for that misunderstanding post - I didn’t want to offend anybody here.

I just wanted to wake you up.

And you just start to attack.

Where is the sence of humor?

And thanks to all, who asked questions to developers. We’ll publish the answers soon.

Will be in the future some “Private Rooms” to create ?

I got some questions :slight_smile:

Are You going to implement some… Epic missions?

I know, dogfigting is cool, but could be a nice variety, with some other alternatives.

My examples:

  1. Two destroyer class starships fighting side by side. Launching the fighters from their hangar bay, with each team trying to
  • destroy enemy fighters

  • hunt enemy bombers

  • disarm enemy destroyer by destroying theirs turret, guns, torpedo launchers, etc…?

  1. Attacking/covering transport convoy with a possibilty to destroy or capture (!) it for more rewards.

  2. Attacking some giant battle station / galactic installations?

  3. Huge battle mayhem, where each side has it’s destroyer, carrier, 2 corvettes, some cruisers, and between all of these, are are 30 players each side trying to help their fleet to suceed :slight_smile: