Questions Channel

There should be a small question mark or something on the chat box that people can click to open a questions channel. Most players don’t go to the forum to ask questions, they merely ask them in global chat. I think it would be simpler if there were a channel for them to ask questions. 

Or a simple third tab in the chat menu.

And I think the chat should be in visible mode when you start up, and go into half-invisible mode when you click the eye, instead of the other way around. This way people won’t have to ask how to open squad chat etc.

Yeah, that would be good.

I like this Idea but I wonder if people wanting to troll noobies would flock there and thus make the channel useless.

Then a GM should be able to mute them from the channel, everyone trying to troll gets a free 7-30 day mute on the channel.

Exactly. Players that abused the system would have to do without it. They would still have global, unless they chose to troll it as well.

I quite like this idea myself.  Sure, you can ask stuff in the global chat, but when it comes down to it not only are there the trolls (as previously stated), but let us not forget how constantly moving the global chat is. Many questions probably go unanswered simply because no one was able to see it, or the person _with _the answer did not see it.

All this was mentioned previously quite a long time ago, doubt it will be done, but hump-bump the thread since the overall idea is good. Some more discipline kept by the players through reporting could probably solve the troll problem.