question about seperated language

hey all i like to ask  or suggest  if not exist  maybe the option to set language voices / text seperated ?


as example in my case i like to have the great russian ingame voices but like to keep the text in english

if share scores between friends not everyone can read russian on screenshots we make…but id prefere to keep my voices ingame that way in russian


if there can anything be done about it be appreciating  :slight_smile:


(yep sorry my bad english  i be russian do not flame me plz :slight_smile:

Hello Angie35955,


At this time, I do not believe that you can use 2 languages (English text and Russian Vocals) at this time. I do believe that such an option should be added. I have not had a chance to look through the Russian forums recently, so I do not know if anyone there has suggested this there as well.



due to technical limitations this is not possible.