::Quest - The unknow alien technology::

“May sounded crazy and not well done, but here is another idea of mine”




[excerpt from a conspiratorial book - part 1]

…Since the beginning of the space exploration, there was a rumour over the scientists about an possible ultimate technologic based on a unexplained energy, which is incompatible with our understanding.

So for a long time, many races grow up, shared the differents knowledges and go out to explore the dark space, but these and other many rumors continued on theory…


[excerpt from a conspiratorial book - part 2]

… according to these rumours, this energy is something closer to perfection of the matter. Probably would lead a corporation to dominate easily the entire universe! Maybe thats why is so difficult to find traces of any true evidence…


[excerpt from the -The science of the new time- book]

…I remember a conspiricy of an old book, telling stories about a strange technologic, which was not founded any evidence. Recently there are new strange stories about the same subject, about adventurers that swear have found a strange location and then, in a couple of days, these adventurers simplee disap! Or someone is hiding a secret by eliminating the discoverers or It’s a really danger place to go!


Mission 1 = Check the fact


With all coorporations starting believe in these rumors, It start a race that lead us to the unknown. Since we seek deeply in space, soon we founded a strange huge mother spaceship with the size of an planet, that appears from nothing and scared us. It’s abandoned, alone, and hidden on a massive invisibility of the most dark and lonelly Nebula ever watched by any life form, surelly to not be discovered.

Find her was a question of invade her space and break her invisibility.  After find the entrance of these complex structure, I will call my best pilots and send a team of 10 members, with the right requirements.


(improved by Efefay)

Mission 2 = Riddle of entrance

requirements= Laser gun.


After find a possible room, as a supost entrance, the team identified at 3 corners something like an thermostate. Testing him, It shows that must be worn together and synchronized, in a short time to open some entrance.


Mission 3 = Puzzle 1

requirements= survival


“Unbelievable! We are traped inside this complex! There is no other entrance, there is no other exits, and I fear, as a Captain, that I drove my team into a trap. A long maze, corridors, and our ships are already damage by the surprises of the way. I think that this mothership is alive and Its playing with us! Probaly the exit is something we already passed away…”


Mission 4 = Mother ship defenses

requirements= Defense of frigates


A disaster! We are been heavilly attacked, and looks like this mother space ship is trying to destroy us at any cost. Looks like we are closer to discovery something secret here. I will try to put the frigates to defense, and counter-attack! I can see what is looks like a measurement of  part of all energy of the mothership. He is lowering and I hope It finish fast, because I never saw such an Attack like this huge cannons are butchering us.


Mission 5 = Mother ship defenses

requirements= Challege the defenses


Now a army! There is no chance of escape and someone will get killed here! The frigates are exausted and we depend of our fire power. Whatever is behind this challenge, inside of this mother space ship, make worth to the rumours of protect something that can’t fall in wrong hands!

If I didn’t called professional pilots, probally we were not alive to confront such a big army of robots left by an unknow civilization. An strange writings on wall may warning about the invencibility of these robots, but seems that they have a weakness which I can disconect them.


Final Mission

The brain of the mother-space ship


We did It! Ops…I did! As I Captain I could warning everyone to…

For the heavens of space, WHATS IS THIS?

We are really in the center of this huge complex to encounter such a big brain.

Wait, he is openning something! A light…we can’t see…

Send all open fire now!

I can’t believable, there is a laser that destroyed a frigate of my friend in one second!

This brain work in so many actions in the same time, definily is the most smart brain in the galaxy.




We won!Ops I won…but many dies, many teamates, many friends…

I can’t bring the responsible of all those deads to such an arrogant administration as my coorporation!

I will use my “Warp gate” and take this secret weapon to the unknown place where I will build my own fleet!

If only one was able to reward this unknown weapon, than none will be against me!

I’m going to use that quote at the top for part of my new signature.


If the developers ever decided to do a campaign mode, this would be it. I don’t think the reward would be an unbeatable weapon though. Maybe a title or like 1k free synergy.


Story needs to be more well done like you said before. Some examples are the mothership on the edge of the black hole. Tidal forces would rip apart something like that. Try putting it hidden in a nebula. It’s more likely that would happen.


Missions 2,4,5 and 6 need more explanation. Also proofread your work. It’s kind of hard to understand. 


Btw guys, that is how you give good suggestions

+1 for you starpatas  :lol:


I like it

Speaking of new technology, new ship roles as a reward xD

They said a bunch of times no more ship roles will be added into the game

They said a bunch of times no more ship roles will be added into the game

They said there will be no Open Space, we know how that go… :lol:

They said there will be no Open Space, we know how that go… :lol:


They said there will be Open Space, we know how that goes…  :taunt:

They said there will be no Open Space, we know how that go… :lol:


B-but this is Sandbox n-not Open Space

B-but this is Sandbox n-not Open Space

It is still more “open” than a space of a Hangar :smiley: