Q Flight Training


I would like to see some action during the queue.


I suggest would be some kind of mini game(s) in which you learn to master control of your ship which would make better pilots of all of us?


First thoughts:-

*fly through a series of hoops

*fly along an endless tunnel of obsticles

*fly through an ice cavern

*fly through a space station

*fly through an asteroid field


-maybe using the ship selected in hanger

-maybe scores/with personal records

-max speed achieved

-max distance covered without hitting an obsticle

-maybe chuck in the odd beacon drone

-maybe warp gate/microwarp circuit


@what about target practise?

@what about freefly withing existing levels?

@what about this is around your corp dreadnought?



There it is on the table,

Any takers?




Add in 1v1 bot dogfights.

add in 1v1 bot dogfights VS the ship that kills you most

What about flying around the corps dreadnought till search finishes, then your ship warps out of the sector to battle?


*edit: maybe an AI could direct the ship before warp, otherwise there’ll be fireworks :stuck_out_tongue: