PvP opt-in opt-out mission modes

In essence this would be where players can choose what maps they want to play as opposed to being stuck on random all the time.

I suggest this because the PvE scenario Processing Rig is almost impossible with random players and therefore costs the people money when they get stuck with it.


That or make scenarios pay at least 5K or something to cover the costs of repair.

Really? Processing Rig is, in my opinion, one of the easier missions. Providing you can get through Round 1, the next two should be a cakewalk.

I would prefer this option (kind of like pick your dungeon as with other games). I do not enjoy some of the missions and some are tuned much harder than others and typically result in a loss unless all (random) team members know what they’re doing AND have appropriate ships.

Your thread title is misleading, it says PvP while you are talking about PvE. Perhaps someone can edit it?


As for losing often on the map, I suggest you find a regular squad to play with, as PvE is much faster and efficient with a squad.