PVP Matches... Tier 2 Observation/Question/Suggestions from a Ace

I enjoyed playing the Tier 1 ships, quite a bit.   It seemed a bit odd with the “bots” running about, but each battle seemed full, and had plenty to shoot at, with players sometimes working as a team to take the advantage and win the map.  


Granted, everyone has their own opinions about the use of “bots” in a PVP game.  And that discussion can go on for days about it.  


Note: I really do enjoy the game.  I hope that tier 2 is not a reflection of tiers beyond, because … 


Once I reached my first tier 2 ship, and started doing PVP there, the battles were … lacking … so damn slow it seemed to start and always with low numbers of players.


Why you ask?  


4 vs 4 … 5 vs 5 … over and over … small teams, on spacious maps, sometimes working together, sometimes not … but that’s the nature of Random Battles of course, you cant expect mush from a PUG … 


It really is boring at times … Especially when the “kill the commander” battles come up … can you say “turtle the xxxx up until a draw happens???” … that just about sums that up for most battles … it’s VERY bad when its this battle type, and only 5 on 5 … 


And what makes it worse, I have to wait 2 to 2.5 minutes(some times longer) or so before battles even pick up and start, only to have it 4 on 4 … if the gaming population at tier 2 is so light, then please add the bots in … I’d rather play, enjoy the game, and have a good time than be bored.   And yes … this happens in evenings, and even some weekend hours.


That is simply what it comes down to … even my good games with 4 on 4 might only warrant making 5 or 6 kills, and a win … a smart team hanging out together and what not … but yes, it was a satisfying win because the players actually worked together, but it was still a slow game … I’d prefer having bots running about at least spicing the games up … 


make the bots rank 6 ships with like a synergy lvl of 3 so they are not a joke and to be taken seriously if you will … well, as serious as most players take bots, and yes, they are not the brightest AI’s but even that might be something that can be tweeked some maybe … 


naturally, a bot would never be a commander for those types of battles … 


I’m not interested in my win/loss rate … I just want to enjoy the game … and tier 1 vs tier 2 battles so far, leaves tier 1 far more fun, simply because they feel “full” … 


I have no idea what kinds of replies this might get but I do really hope that if I work ships up to getting tier 3 ships, the “population” pics up to where battles are once again 8 on 8, or maybe even larger?  


That’s the end question to all this … is tier 2 just light?  And if so, I wonder if they devs might consider the usage of their bots to fill in matches, if only to make tier 2 more playable … 


Eventually I’ll try to find a corp to join, and start the whole … “working as a team” but I didnt really expect that to be a need until Tier 3 or so when I know how to play somewhat well, and then learn from a corp after that … I may have to reevaluate this line of thinking and start corp hunting sooner than later.  


Anyway, some feed back for the developers and a question for other players with more experience … 


I enjoy the game enough that I hope it will grow, and not die out … like so many tend to … and if this can help usher players to the bulk of the gaming community, then cool … on one last note, from a business standpoint … players who are not as good can fair better vs bots … and that will also help keep them around longer … and probably end up making the company more money … and the game is still a business after all :slight_smile:



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There are various factors at play when determining the size of the games you get.


Part of it is time. It’s just a fact of life that some time zones are more or less populated than others. If you’re in a “bad” time zone, you’ll get fewer games.


Another is luck. I’ve had days where I wait 4+ minutes for a 4v4 match, and then in the very next game, in the exact same tier, I wait a minute for a 10v10.


But for most of the community, there isn’t much incentive to play at T2. As someone who occasionally tiers down, T2 is a totally different game. Once you get to grips with T3, I doubt you’ll want to go back. There’s just so much more in T3; more modules, more module slots, more ship choice, etc. When you’ve flown energy stable ships that can have permanent afterburners while still being able to spam modules, you’ll understand why T2 gets abandoned by people.


T3 and up is also where the end game begins. Corporations can take part in Sector Conquest where they fight to control regions of space for big iridium rewards. Higher tiers also pay out more credit rewards and give you more contracts to complete, which means more loyalty. So T2 is really just a transitional tier.


T2 is also shafted in PvE and Invasion, because its ships aren’t really suited for those modes.


So there are a lot of elements stacked against you if you want or need to fly T2. However, the good news is that it gets better.


T3 has a LOT of ships. It recently got two new free to play ships that balance out its ship tree and, in my opinion, really help make it fairer on free pilots. Premium pilots also get the most choice here, which means there’s incentive for them to fly there. T3 PvE is pretty fun too - bring a strong Engineer or Guard and you will dominate. Properly built T3 ships can also handle the tamer Open Space regions.


Sector Conquest is, at present, mostly dominated by T3. This means veteran pilots need to keep sharp in the tier, which means they’re active in the PvP queue. That means more people in the queue, which means faster and bigger games for you.


In short, the queue situation will get better as you move up from T2 into T3.

Considering the time you posted this, you are either playing in US server or SEA server. The population on those servers are smaller than in european and russian ones.


In Europe prime (evening and weekends) tier 2 games are almost instant and usually full 12 v 12, so they don’t need bots.


The only reason there were bots in tier 1 is because tier 1 is a newb only tier (you can’t play tier 1 ships once you get enough games and MMR) so you need bots to fill the ranks.

fully agree with Eviscerador - nothing to add