PvP Gamemode Suggestions

Station Defence

A PvP mode that can only be played with a minimum of 8 players per side. Each side controls a station with 3 major facilities, 2 shield generators and the station itself, that can be destroyed, with several warp gates in front of them outside the generated shield. Inside the shield with the actual station, will be 4 major turret structures that have docks at their base. The weapons on this structure cannot be destroyed, but can be critically damage to where they generate their own emergency shield and auto-repair, but can no longer be used, at least until repairs are complete. The Defender, if any was using said turret, would be automatically deployed from the station in the ship that they docked in. There will always be a button to automatically undock from said stations as well. During the wait for the game to begin, 4 Defenders will be selected at random. These “Defenders” will be able to manually use these major guard turret stations when docked at, and will be unable to move past their own defensive force field. The other members will be able to go past their own fields in order to attack the opposing station but will be unable to use the turrets. The opposing station’s shield generators have to be destroyed before the attacking forces will be able to attack the station, and when shields are down, Defenders will be able to move around freely about the battlefield, but cannot use enemy turret stations if they are able to get to them. The aim of this gamemode is to destroy the enemy’s station or get the most kills before time runs out.


Search and Destroy

A PvP mode where one side has to find and kill the opposing forces that are hiding about the map. During the waiting period, a team is appointed as the first wave of searchers. However, they are not deployed until after the first minute of play. The other side will already be in the zone at this time, searching for a perfect spot to hide in. At the 1 minute mark, a massive EMP Wave will wash through the zone, disabling all the ships in the zone for another 4 minutes, being unable to use thrusters, weapons and modules, which is when the searchers will be deployed. As the hiding ships’ electrical systems have been wiped out, they dont emit any signals from non-life-support systems, so the searchers’ radar is only at 50% efficiency. Once a hider is found and destroyed, they do not respawn until the total 5-minute mark has been reached. Remaining hiders in the zone at this time will be warped out of the zone for repairs and re-deployment with a 1-minute wait, where they will counterstrike with their own EMP wave to search for the enemy team in the remaining 4 minutes of the match. If the entire team of hiders are found before the halfway mark, the roles will still swap in the 1-minute wait time. If one side was able to be a searcher twice while the other only once, over-time will be deployed equivalent to the second searching term of the opposite team. The aim of the game is to gain the most amount of kills before the match is over.



Very creative but…

  1. Sounds more like a hardcore PvE mission.
  • Impossible as PvP scenario.
  1. Hide ‘n’ seek? As minigame, okay. As PvP? Nope!
  • Don’t fits into the game’s category.