Pvp Game mode: Tap into comms

Alternate title: Plant the bug on the Uhmari. (wink)


But no, wait, this is a serious suggestion.



-Pvp match, 12 players each side, 1 player on each team randomly gets the role of “comms officer” at the start, the rest are “spies”. Respawning works like in domination mode.



During the match, “Spies” must get near the enemy team’s “Comms Officer” and remain in close proximity for, say, 5 seconds, to ‘plant a bug’. Once planted, the bug takes 5 seconds to activate. The team that first activates their bug on the enemy “comms officer” wins.



-Once a comms officer is bugged, he has 5 seconds to neutralize the bug by suiciding via Backspace. (No other method of death would work). In this case, “Communications gear” is dropped and anyone else on the team can pick it up. Who picks it up becomes the new comms officer.

  • Comms officers cannot use microwarp, their own warpgate. They can use other player’s warpgates (maybe?). This is to prevent interceptors from flying out randomly. Using those abilities drops the comms package.

  • Comms officers get a boost to agility, but a cap to maximum speed (evasion > running away; this prevents interceptor abuse).

  • Comms officers are always seen to the enemy (like captains), but can also see all enemies (like captains).

  • Comms packages cannot be picked up by the other team.

  • Killcount is NOT factored in who wins the match. In case of a draw, The side that has a comms officer (and not a dropped comms package) wins. In case of that being draw too, the side with most ‘planting attemps’ wins. In case that is a draw too, both sides lose.

  • If a Comms officer dies, by enemy or otherwise, Comms gear is dropped and can be picked up by the teammates.



Basically this is a play on the detonation mode, mixed with moving targets, options for back-forth play, and removal of chances for ‘camping’ or ‘hogging the carriable stuff’. Kills are made unimportant to give some other purpose to the game beyond just killing more stuff than the other team.

Why the Uhmari joke at the start? Well, spying theme. That’s about it. :wink:





I really don’t see this having a following I’m afraid. I doubt any team would ever actually win, since it would just be “oh! I’m tagged! suicide and respawn!”

I rather have a mode called “Tag” and the person that is it has his rockets switched out to “tag” rockets