[PvP] Combat Recon

Game mode information:

  • Each team spawns on one side of the battlefield
  • From each team a captain will be selected randomly
  • The captain gets a temporary damage boost for the battle.
  • Both captains can see all ships. They can also see ships hiding behind obstacles, ships being invisible and ships being out of radar range. Once the enemy captain gets killed, your whole team will see all enemy ships on these conditions.
  • Unlimted respawn until your team captain dies. When your captain dies, you will be able to fly the current ship until it gets destroyed. Afterwards you won’t respawn anymore in the battle.

Captain indicators:




Winning conditions:

  • The team that first kills the enemy captain and all remaining players afterwards.
  • If the time runs out, the team that killed the enemy captain, wins. If both captains are dead or both alive, the team with most kills wins.

interesting gamemode so far BUT

played a couple rounds - recognised three big issues:

first: sometimes one team has a tier 2 captain while the other one has a tier 1 which is much easier to kill than the tier 2 equivalent

second: camper issue…if a pilot gets chosen to be captain he usually stays behind cover guarded by almost the whole team members, making it impossible for the other team to kill him / her or even get close to him / her

third: rewards…im flying t2-2 and there are matches which earn me about 30k → repairs and ammo cost around 35k-40k depending how i played

maybe i’ll try some squad tactics next time…

second: camper issue…if a pilot gets chosen to be captain he usually stays behind cover guarded by almost the whole team members, making it impossible for the other team to kill him / her or even get close to him / her

I don’t see a problem with this point it’s a legit tactic… just shoot down more of their ships during the match and you will win. i usually play with interceptor (why i have equipped the best) so if I get chosen as a captain i stay behind a rock with my fighter or frigate and try to stay alive for as long as possible. it’s not much fun for me but i don’t want to spoil the fun for others on my team by rushing out and getting killed. actually i try to move forward slowly (remaining behind cover for most of the time) with the bulk of my fleet as i believe being in captain’s vicinity gives bonuses to other ships, right?

Only thing bugging me with Recon is the low fee for win/loss. ~30k is a bit less to get some credits. Repairment for my T2-2 ships is ~30k. (all 3 downed) So no positive income if i have to replenish my rockets.


6.3.2 cut down my income rate to something about 1/3 of 6.2 and this is a hard turn down.

same here with cash, its really easy beaing dead here so each death cost a lot, and after any game, no matter if wont or lsot, reward is to low.


- some reward for captain would be nice, some of us playing small ships so we need to hide and we cant take part in battle openly.

  • i was a captain 3 times in a row in 3 games one by one. should be some kind of limitation for one person in for some time

Like Gojira I too play smaller class ships and I’m in trouble when I have to play as the captain simply because I have significantly less HP than ie player who owns a frigate, also even if I pulled out the basic “training” frigate it wouldn’t be nearly as good as someone’s who plays it regularly. because of this two teams can have rather different starting chances for success/victory. So I think that this game mode is perfect to introduce bigger ships some players were asking for here - each captain should be commanding a CRUISER class ship. Also it would be good if the other ship spawned on the cruiser itself (or near). I think this would fit this game mode quite nicely.

Thanks for your feedback. In the next patch you will find some improvements for this and some of the other game modes.

I agree with immigr4nt, i also favorite the interceptors / fighters and his idea is path breaking.


as far as i know, captains = best players ? most experienced… for now i can see that T4 with T3 and T3 is a captain, so how it works exactly ? it depends from tier or amount of XP ?


as far as i know, captains = best players ? most experienced… for now i can see that T4 with T3 and T3 is a captain, so how it works exactly ? it depends from tier or amount of XP ?

I think its pure random, it sucks.

Even by XP wont help, every troll will acumulate XP sooner or later!

HIghest ranking random player I think.


I think it shouldn’t be a single captain. It should be a score bonus every time the captain dies. But also a score bonus every time the captain kills someone. Changes on each death. Lose a resource per captain. Game over when resources gone. Also a volunteer for first captain button. 

I dont like this mode the most in the game. Its againt everything that spaceship battle should be. Captain concept isnt bad, but 50% of each team staying with him and camping is just plain boring. Easy runing and just hiding for captain is breaking the speed of battles that this game should have. Also the timer is way to long , its like 10min now or something. There is more camping than in CoD or Battlefield, with is tragic.


  1. Limit the timer to 5minutes, who gets more kills still wins if captain isnt killed.

  2. Option A or B

A) Captain get debuff reducing his defensive capabilities, also buff that increase his damage. If he can camp and run, he shouldnt be tanky at all.

B) Captains cant be locked-on, captain shield and hull degrade all time, specialy out of battle, his shield and hull regenerate for each asist and kill. That should force captains to be active battle ship, punishing for no teamplay and taking absolutly no action to be part of game. He could get more boosts in this option, but for sure would make the mode most interesting.

There should be a reward for staying alive as the Captain.

What about this, instead of limiting the captain to a single ship, impose rules on the caption like that of a regular battle.  If the captain dies they can bring a new ship from their reserve list.  When they have expended their ships, that is that.  All other ships in the game get unlimited as long as the captain is still kicking.


This will reduce the need for turtling up or hiding.  It will also reduce the threat of the entire enemy team but one attacking single mindedly at the captain.  And the captain can more openly participate.


The captain could also be buffed or get an AoE buff that aids their team as long as they are in range.  Stronger shields, more resistant armor…better maneuvering…a thought.  But right now this mode is lacking allot of fun for the poor soul that gets the skull.  There needs to be more opportunity for that player to see some action, get so kills or residual points (staying alive bonus of 10 pts per team kill?) or something.


Games should be fun…if it is not fun…then why put it into a game?

Let players vote for captain.

Every player should be given a tickbox for of something like “accept captain selection” - if you tick this, you are one of the random pick for captain; if you untick this, you will never be picked for captain. This way, people who don’t want to be capt. aren’t forced into it, and those who do are more likely to be picked since there is fewer to be randomed from. If *nobody* on the team has it ticked it will just do random pick as usual.


Other than that I wouldn’t change anything else - this is certainly the best pvp mode so far, very fun.

Is it just me, or is at t3 every game a loss if you have a frigate as captain ?

I’m only playing frigates and when I’m team Captain there is no way I will survive if a hitsquad of 3 interceptors/fighters gangs up on me I’m dead despite being “tanky”. It’s disable beam+missile spam and I’m down before I can even pop a minefield. I’ve experienced this every time my team get’s a frig captain. The only games I win in this mode, is when  fighters/interceptors are captain, beacuse they can run away endlessly.


This really sucks, because as a frig player I’m feeling worthless in this mode. :frowning:

Captains survival chances are in the following order IMHO:

  1. Interceptor
  2. Frigatte
  3. Fighter

Most captains camp and that means every shot and all unguided rockets are a 100% hit, also everyone knows exactly where to move. Smart captains move constantly and take their defenders with them.


I guess in about 50% of the cases I kill the enemy captain at my first try. 2x EM rockets & 5x AP rockets, Freeze, Disable his skills, and at last the glorious Suicide Module for another 5k damage. Only really defensive Frigs survive that, or captains who are always on the move.

I only play frigate.


I hate this mode.


PLEASE give us the option to choose which mode to play, so that I don’t have to play this anymore. Everytime I’m being chosen as Captain I die, no matter what I do. Tried running away with warpgate doesn’T work if your being followed by other warpgate hunters. It sucks really because I keep losing the games and ruining my teams game.



I play captain as frigate, and most of the time i survive. Maybe you should check your fit or your skills.