[PvP] Combat Recon

That’s a nice way to say l2p. :smiley: Maybe you can enlighten me from you endless knowledge and wisdom as to how you survive so much? 


Just kidding. :wink:


But I don’t want to learn this mode. I don’t want to play it, especially as captain.

I love this mode it tends to have the most teamwork going on of all the modes.

This is my favorite mode and I usually play frigate on it. When I have 2 other frigates defending me, we usually destroy any incomin attackers very fast. Then regenerate back to full HP quickly. Seems fine to me. You also have to be smart with where you are. If you hide behind a huge obstacle, it protects you from long range attacks, but it makes you vulnerable to close range attacks. It’s better in my experience to go somewhere with a small obstacle to hide behind, but with enough open space for me and my fellow frigates to snipe down incoming interceptors. The other advantage is you can SEE the interceptors coming, and when you begin sniping in tht direction, your “escorts” clue in and start aiming/shooting in that direction too - there’s a lot more to it but I love being chosen as the captain, and I fly frigate.

Just lost a match as captain. The entire time I sat behind the rock because I was not the kind to win in a dogfight. Opponent was an Empire interceptor, would use his microwarp to jump around the back end of the other field. Team lost in the mid fight, and game ended in a time out. 


Encourage me to get out there. This game is not one for hiding. 

T2 Combat reconnaissance:

Bunch of frigates with engineer modules sitting on both sides.


Single attacker try it once or twice, and even if they get through the shield somehow they just see how the enemies captain regains his armor.


Most boring mode ingame.

Please give us an option to not join certain modes.

This is my favorite scenario. I fly Fed frigate and enjoy the challenge of being a captain. Sometimes I live and sometimes I don’t.


The real decider isn’t what ship I’m flying, it’s down to which side has the best teamwork.


Great stuff!

why is this mode not in the “regular” rotation?

Why is this mode still in arcade?

I find this mode to range between very interesting and the most boring mode I am stuck to play through.


Thinking on it I do have a suggestion, switch the secondary victory condition to damage delt to the opposition commander, not kills.


This is due to the fact, after the first 3 minutes the secondary victory condition creates a preverse reason for the entire team to camp.

Also it is the only game mode in arcade that I can think of that activly punishes people for going towards the objective.


Detonation, you get the bomb and die, no big deal if your lucky your extra pickup may make the team win if there is a draw on number of sites destroyed.

Combat recon, attack the opposition commander and die, now you just feed the opposition a kill in order to win the game.


When any side decides to just camp it and never attack it becomes the most boring game ever as the commander for the other side. Sit do nothing for 6+ minutes, fun times. Watch the kill to death ratio to see if your side will win.


Where as I fully appreciate that it maybe possible to attack as the comander if thigs arnt looking too hot for your team. I do not fly ships designed to take on more than 3 people and survive. If the opposition is in one mass camping clump I cannot risk getting too close, nor effect the outcome at all.


Not sure if you would want to make it hull damage or just damage in general to the commander, but I feel this would go along way to preventing this mode falling to a long game of team deathmatch. Specifically team deathmathch where I as the commander cannot participate.

[bUG] ??


It happened to me at least 3 times to respawn when my captain is dead from a long time.


(I dont missunderstand with the case where you start to respawn BEFORE your captain is dead)



=>  In all this cases, my captain was died, and then me too a few moment LATER. 




=> My remaining team achieve some desesperate attack move, and kill the opponent captain.


THEN a few second later ( at least 3 time I can confirm 100% )


=> My ship condition switch from “DESTROYED” to spawning, and I came back in game really fast.


Remember that I have been in “DESTROYED” condition for a long time, no possible error.



My question is : Is this planned intentionnaly, or is this a bug ? I didnt find any notice about this on game mode description.

I had it happen once when someone else that was still alive disconnected. Could be coincidence though and be a bug regardless.

I’ve dropped back into game after a captain death, probably if I die before the captain does I’m still on the spawn timer. 

I’ve generally enjoyed this gametype, but I do have some issues:


First of all, the captain is too easy to kill.

This is simply because you’re the #1 priority. Killing you means winning the match, anything beyond that doesn’t matter. Only interceptors tend to survive for long in this gametype, because they have the mobility to actually escape from someone MWD’ing onto them. Frigates can tank damage, but a proper setup like http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/13607-arcade-combat-reconnaissance/?p=183391’>Kyoss mentions will still take a tanked out Frigate single-handedly, If you bring a couple buddies, there’s no chance. An invulnerability shield + MWD into the captain or just self destructing next to him after you’ve taken out his shields and are low on health yourself is often enough.


Second of all, there is no incentive to fight

The captain is too important to fight, the best you can do is push slightly behind the main force, providing support. But if anyone breaks through the lines, you’re pretty much fucked, so people camp under an umbrella of frigates with support modules, only half the teams actually end up fighting. 


Note that whether you push or camp, a single MWD interceptor/fighter dropping on the captain with disable abilities and invulnerability + MWD or Self Destruct is enough to kill him regardless.


What needs to be tackled:

  1. More incentive to get into the fight

  2. A tougher Captain


What would be nice:

  • End round bonus for the captain. Credits, guaranteed loot drop, 1 extra loot chance; just something.

Please fix that i get kicked for inactivity while looking on the map. Sometimes you need a while to assess the Battlefield and type advice… Hillarious that i get kicked in spite of typing all the time btw

The kicked for inactivity thing is pretty bad.  Happened to me yesterday.  I was doing the usual “hide behind a rock” strategy after I got conscripted into captaincy, and despite the fact that I was moving around a little (adjusting my position slightly but still staying within the same 50m^3 probably) and typing in team chat, about 3 minutes before the end of the match it kicked me for “inactivity”.


It let me back in afterwards, but by that time it had drafted some interceptor towards the front lines as captain.  I have to admit that I was impressed at the team’s ability to cope with it, we managed to save the inty from immediate harm once I got back in, but needless to say the match ultimately didn’t go so well for us.


The other bit of feedback I have about this game mode, which somewhat echoes other poster’s points, is that it’s just deathly dull to play as captain most of the time.  If you try and push forward with the whole team, you’re basically signing your own death warrant since the entire enemy team is giong to be targeting you, and it’s not like you can sneak up on them.  So you’re left with camping behind a rock or wall somewhere.  And either the enemy team sends a well-coordinated assault (never really seen this happen) in which case you basically sit there and hope that the rest of your team takes them out while dodging/running a bit, or you just sit there and watch the lone interceptor that keeps flying into your team’s pack of camping frigates get blown to bits every minute or so.

Please just remove this bullshit mode.


I mean seriously this mode has like one million flaws, with 5 frigates and a fighter camping behind a rock, with all sorts of repair and buff moduls buffing the captain awaiting the 1 or 2 attackers because the other team consists of 5 frigates and a fighter camping…


Even if you somehow manage to scratch a captains hull while being hammered by 5 pulsars at once, it will just get repaired.

At least give us an option to opt out of this mode.

This mode has a lot of potential, but it’s currently not much fun. 


My proposal:    It’s called Combat Reconnaissance, but no one actually does any recon!  Make it so NO ONE knows who the captains are, not even the captains.  The identification of a captain happens when someone tags them with a spy drone, making the spy module useful and improving the mode at the same time.  Maybe the captain is the guy zipping around in a Dwarf doing vanguard duty, no one knows until he dies or is tagged.

Noticing a trend on Captain suiciding, either via the back space button, going out of bounds, flying into pandora sun, or charging the enemy. Then they go about bragging about them trolling their team. 

This mode has a lot of potential, but it’s currently not much fun. 


My proposal:    It’s called Combat Reconnaissance, but no one actually does any recon! 


Recon is essential in this mode. You need to protect your captain, and then have a couple of picket ships running ‘recon’ further out. Otherwise you could get ambushed. The recon ships also let you know if the enemy team is moving en masse - leaving the enemy captain exposed.


When played properly, _combat _reconnaissance is what this mission is all about!


Make it so NO ONE knows who the captains are, not even the captains.  The identification of a captain happens when someone tags them with a spy drone, making the spy module useful and improving the mode at the same time.  Maybe the captain is the guy zipping around in a Dwarf doing vanguard duty, no one knows until he dies or is tagged.


It would be an interesting idea to have a new combat mode where one player is a “surprise package” of some kind. But I think it would be better as a new additional mode rather than a replacement. Knowing who the captain is creates the crux around which the tactics of this game mode revolve.

It needs to be made more obvious if YOU are the captain.


On several occasions, folks, even me at one time, zoom into the heat of battle without realising they’re the captain. For one, it’s easy to miss the tiny skull icon or your name on the HUD and I forgot captains alone could see where every enemy was. For another, if the captain is stuck on the load screen, he won’t know he is the captain until after the client finishes loading.


It should be like CTF in Tribes: Ascend when you pick up the enemy flag where it then says “TAKE THE ENEMY FLAG TO YOUR FLAG STAND.” Flash up in big letters what your objective is. “YOU ARE THE CAPTAIN, STAY COVERED AND CO-ORDINATE YOUR TEAM” or “YOU HAVE THE EMP BOMB, DELIVER IT TO THE ENEMY BEACONS” or something. Those would work wonders if they flashed up every minute or so.