PvE suggestions

This thread is for my suggestions for PvE matches.


1 We meed more PvE maps. If you look in the custom battle and go to create there are way way way more PvP than PvE.


  1. There are a few AI pathfinding bugs. I ran across a captain elite who tried to follow me and got stuck against the wall in secret shipyard. I got behind him and killed with a singularity cannon and he never turned around just kept trying to go through the wall.


  1. More challenging because I think that is why people like PvP more. If you had the enemies try to hold a formation or fly in some kind of strategic way people would have a harder time winning. Also, it would force the teams to actually come up with a strategy.


  1. A potential new mode.    


Would be located in an asteroid belt around a planet, and asteroids would be pretty close together. This would force LRF’s to fly above the asteroid belt and they would have a harder time being OP in this mission.

Round 1


Find and capture the secret stations located on the asteroids.


  • These stations would flash on your map every x seconds (maybe 15?). 

  • These stations would also be in different spots everytime so random spawn.

  •  Enemy ships would come in waves of around 6-9 at a time.

  • Capture would be like capturing a beacon 


Round 2 


Destroy the enemy bases located in the asteroids


  • Enemy hangars located inside larger asteroids would spawn enemies until destroyed

  • Hangars would take damage by shooting at the opening or the asteroid they are nested in.

  • Ships could spawn more when you are close to the hangars


Round 3


Wipe out the rest of their fleet


  • Would have 2 waves

  • First wave includes normal ships around 25-40

  • Second wave includes 2 bosses

  • The bosses would fly in a tight formation and help each other.

  • First boss runs a frigate and the second runs an interceptor possibly



5 I would love to see this mode as well  [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/22361-suggestion-new-pve-mode/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22361-suggestion-new-pve-mode/)





Any suggestions or feedback is accepted. This is just what I personally would like to see implemented. 

The reason there are more PvP than PvE maps it’s because this is mainly a PvP game. PvE is here to farm some credits or even synergy when finding games is hard because of the low popultion.


More challenging games? Well ok, but increase the rewards, if you play PvE most of the time you will have to “carry” clueless players, so if you increase the challenge there should be a fair reward for that.

pve waiting time is like 30 seconds max normaly.


pvp waiting time can go upp to 1 hour depending on what tier you use. 

Yeah I’ve noticed it is mostly PvP, but I personally love PvE. I would say I’m not the only player that does either.

Forum members have actually “discovered” people in high ranks who’ve never played PvP, not even once.  You’re not alone.