[PVE Scenario] industrial espionage

Brief description :


In this scenario, the Mercenary team is sent to an orbital research station. The Command center has intercepted transmissions about a new experimental technology being tested there.

The mission goal is to gather as much intel as possible about this new technology, before blowing this research outpost and leaving the area before ennemi forces arrival.


The mercenaries will have to take care to the military base established near the research lab first, before the Hq being able to send the engineers team to extract data and seize all crucial information.


Detailed scenario phases and objectives :


Phase 1 : Neutralize the military outpost


The lab being a sensible target, the opposing force has set a fortified outpost to provide heavy protection in the sector. This outpost has many light turrets and missile turrets protecting the 3 beacons controlling access to the research facility.


A small taskforce is also ready to take off to eliminate any hostile presence.


the merc team will have to move carefully to take out the defenses and shut down all the 3 beacons.


Some captains and one commander would be able to spawn to reinforce the AI troops.


Phase 2 : Escorting the Specialist teams

When the defenses are shut down, the team can move to the main objective : the research lab

The specialists’s ships have to be escorted to the facility entrance through remaining ennemy forces and a “small” defense system

As the battle didn’t remain unnoticied, the opposing force is about to send heavy reinforcements to protect their facility.

It has also been confirmed that the ennemy had deployed infantry troops inside the facility, meaning the specialists will take longer than planned to access information.

Once the Allied ships have boarded the station, 3rd part starts


I was thinking that about 3 ships would be an interesting objective to defend. Players would need to defend at least one ship to access the next part of the mission, but more would be better.


The transports would have to dock to a station to be considered valid



Phase 3 : Protect the Extraction ships

While the infantry teams are cleaning the station and grabbing all info they find, the space battle is intensifying

Ennemy reinforcements have been sent to destroy our transports which would mean we will be trapped inside the station

The mercs will have to protect at least one/two (depending on initial number) ship(s) to allow the engineer’s extraction.

Ennemy squads come from all sides, but as they progressed inside the station, one team has taken the time to activate the station’s defenses to help the Merc team defend the facility.

Finally, the engineers get enough info and technical prototypes to come back and being extracted…


Depending on the nummber of transport ships remaining at the end of Phase 2, Phase 3 would start with the same number of ships and be more or less difficult.


The ships would remain docked and vulnerable during this phase, but no ability would affect them (neither offensive nor defensive)


Phase 4 : Destroy the experimental battleship

While the transports were about to leave the sector, we noticied an incoming signal from a huge frigate.

This ship seems to be a prototype of a new combat frigate, able to neutralize hyperpropulsion thrusters of our ships, locking them on place while letting them use their standard thrusters.

The merc team has to fight versus this dangerous opponent before the station explodes, but they will hopefully benefit from the station defense system, which is still active.

Some elite squadrons will probably be called by the frigate to finish off the Mercenaries, so double check is advised.

Mission ends when the Frigate is destroyed


Pretty similar to Blackwood scenario, but maybe making reinforcements waves less powerfull and more numerous, with more ship categories.



Any thoughts or suggestions about this idea ?


This is not a very “Original” Scenario, but I think it could be very interesting and would make pilots use different skills / combinations for each phase…



First off… what’s the experimental battleship like? IMO the Blackwood Punisher boss is pretty boring since it does nothing much, except drift around, pulsar everything in its way, and facetank everything we throw at it. 

First off… what’s the experimental battleship like? IMO the Blackwood Punisher boss is pretty boring since it does nothing much, except drift around, pulsar everything in its way, and facetank everything we throw at it. 


well… I was thinking to a similar boss, but yeah, the punisher feels boring (and I’ve not reached T3 yet)…


Problem is, we don’t have that much IA refinement. I mean, if you look at some AI controlled ships, they are just ridiculous some times.


for example : Intys flying in a straight and predictable path, no ship trying evasive maneuvers when severly damaged, no ship using flares, some ships standing in position when shooting at you, becoming perfect targets.


I belive that SC is more PVP oriented, as developing a better AI would be hard and long.


Back on topic, I don’t know which type of ship the Boss of my scenario could be, TBH, or which modules it could have…

Just a suggestion… could we replace the experimental battleship with an experimental fighter instead? A good AI script and a mix of fighter modules and abilities could make the fight more fast-paced and dynamic. An enemy fighter would also be more elusive, so it can disengage while reinforcements distract the player team. 

Yeah, I just remember the “new” AI fighters they introduced in the new PVE Scenario.


Those ships moved me down with their stabilized railguns !


As I said : this is a suggestion, don’t hesitate to comment !