PvE Mission suggestion or Mode

Is very good for me to put some pve with a full squad of 10 people where the role are locked. in the que you can see  the apply for roles foe fast the que. Like to see a full platoon doing a pve maybay a t3.

A recon ship can locate target ans see cloaked like the captain in combat recon

Ecm can reduce the time to open a portal ( maybay in a survivial phase wen you must stay alive to enter or escape  of a place)

Cover ops and tracler can do sabotage elude defence and disable them

Destroy defence with gunship and guard.

Take down at long distance with recon for point and long range for destroy.

Guard ship can slow debuf and  aggro enemy for give time to do some thask

Engi can warp squad and heal it.

With roles and some fantasy can do a very good pve mission.

After some fails evrybody can understand our role for archive victory.

Maybay can fit some passive bounus if is difficult to code this.


A ecm ship reduce time of some phase in %

A guard ship can reduce spaw of enemy

A recon is a infinite target location range and prediction of spaw and some debuf reduced time (for take some utility in some phase)

A healer is % in regen

A tracler is reduced defence of enemy

A gunship is a % danage to all  allies

A command ship is % defence to all allies

A cover ops is a reduce firing rate of defence %

A long range empire is a optimal firng range increse and a small hull buff

A long range jery is a missile and mines % danage plus with a smal shield buff.


The mission can be something new, immagine to assault a star port and enter in it.

phase one approach the enemy base with 3 sub phase. evry phase have to capture a beacon in a line with a field commander for the last sub phase

phase 2 takin out the defence and open the portal or gate, this phase is  timed survivial offence more defence turn down more % you live . here can be some tatic is good to have command tracler and gunship or maybye some ecm, cover ops guard…maybay some long with recon? ( engi all the phase ^_^)

phase 3 you are inside now blow the core. in this phase we meet the puny(lovely guy) at home and repay for the aggression. i think a inside battle is awesome with some electric animation.

in this phase you must destroy target to reduce the spaw of enemy,destroy defence and unlock the core shield and destroy thath. but we have puny with the op pulsar . Now … you can do some tatic a 3 man squad take out doors for block enemy spaw 3 go to defence 2 take care of enemy  and other 2 take care of primary object. or all focus to one obiect at time .


apologize for long post and bad english.


thks for attention you have give to this.