PvE Leaderboards

There has been much corruption on weekly leaderboards, since they were invented, especially PvP. After the Permban of the 2 Pilots abusing this system I think there was set a sign to prevent others doing this. However, there is still a problem with PvE. You can’t really accuse someone of abusing the system by not finishing the Mission. Maybe it was just for fun, not to complete it, but to try to farm as much bots as possible. A competition in the squad for example, and you can’t chose to punish them for chosing to play a PvE Mission the way they like (as there is no rule for a 4 Person Squad to finish it, if I remember correctly).

So my suggestion is, to set Weekly leaderboards on the time the missions were finished. Pilots have to compete then, trying to finish it as fast as possible and there would be no possible way to abuse it. 24/7 PvE farming is allowed, kinda boring, but it is the Pilots decicion.


Greets, Mendoza :wink:

good idea, alternative to completing it the fastest maybe the efficiency that counts for the leader-boards will only be accepted if the mission is succesful but then again this could be abused still and have lots of people just farming round 3 in a mission and then completing objective with 10 seconds left on the timer… hmm


leader-boards should hold no reward imo

It would be nice indeed if PvE leaderboards would be like fastest time + best score, some kind of math that gives you point based on the relation speed-effectiveness. I’m horrible at maths but I think it can be done.

I can see the best squads trying to get number one by farming a T2 Mission in less then 5 min. 


But this is a win win as getting a PVE victory in five min per match is better then 10 min for each PVP and the MM wait time. 

Well I guess they don’t like some of us… ( I have actually received some “CHOICE”  words) for SPEEDING through the PVE mission. 

Specially in HMS.  

This is a great idea. Making it fast and T4+ is a worthy goal, not really exploitable.

This is a great idea. Making it fast and T4+ is a worthy goal, not really exploitable.

 This. I will say making it T3, because that way you can also do the hidden shipyard.

 This. I will say making it T3, because that way you can also do the hidden shipyard.


I agree. 


T3-5 Speed Runs is a great Idea

Whatever, I’m not a PvE player  :good:

The point is, this is an awesome idea and should be implemented immediately.

I’ve had teammates tell me off for completing Blackwood too fast before; they wanted to sit and farm “to get more xp”.


Needless to say, I ignored him. We finished in a reasonable, though hardly astonishing time.

Good necro. :good:

Besides, in PUG PVE in 90-95% of the battles I’m the only one going for the objectives. Was always like that, has nothing to do with the leaderboards.

I think many are using bots in PVE, too. In HMS if you cap the beacons out of order like I always do you sometimes see those guys move to the “next” beacon that you already capped and keep sitting there. Bad bot programming. Or just really dumb people. Hard to tell the difference usually because most people are really incredibly stupid.

It’s hard enough to get a match in the first place and I’m there for the synergy. There is no synergy bonus for finishing the map quickly, but I do want to finish it. Pick up groups are not meant to be relied upon for speed runs in the first place.

The leaderboards have been changed.