PVE is horrible, and we cant do shi...

Ok so i’m getting tired of this i’m a gamer so doing something illogical in a prewriten mechanic is considered as tarded in my aspect! And i keep on seeing the same people game ruining pve aka rush in then die… and you cant solo it since you lack dps… wp… so you wasted 15 mins for what? If i ignore a player i dont wish to see him again! Explain to me why can he pop up in the game after altho he was ignored?! To do the exact same thing join, mash buttons without logic, then die! And dont tell me due to matchmaking… that would be bloody illogical and majority of players out there will consider this as xxxx, no offense tho but that’s common sense!


As soon as you value player flow over proper gameplay you got a dying game… so pls wake up! For once wake up! You are actually forcing people to start boting… gameplay doesnt exist here it seems… and no your anti bot system wont cut it btw :). It’s as old as F. I can spot a bot just by looking at the player gameplay and movements… but you cant make a program to block em? Explain to me do you actually care about your game or you just wish to make cash then close it down? So far everything that i stated is on point!





If you wish to mock pls retain yourself from posting, and grow up!

If you wish to mock pls retain yourself from posting, and grow up!

It’s the internet, you will see people mocking you everywhere, you yourself have to ignore them.

If you wish to mock pls retain yourself from posting

mmm how am I suppose to mock without posting? By treating you to meaningful silence?

and grow up!

yeah, not happening

Look, Pain, you are only complaining here… Do you have any suggestions? I don’t think creating bot for pve will be that easy (yeah lets forget for a moment you’ll get punished if detected). Can’t solo since you lack DPS? You talking about rank 10 pve? You can use LRFs with right setup to provide good dmg boost and have survivability - maybe you just need some guides? In general:

  1. Play PvP - You always get money from it.

  2. Play rank 9 PvE - it’s easy to solo.

  3. Join corporation - you’ll have more responsible players.

  4. Play PvE with your friends - nice way to relax from pvp…

  5. Try playing on different time - when more players online you wont get with same “bad” players.


It feels like pve rank 10+ needs tweaking since some ships are obviously better at doing specific missions but you have to make a right choice…

Just report them. If they get reported multiple times, the someone will look into it. As for lack of skill… well… you  can’t force people to be good. Generally those doing pve are casual gamers anyway!

Curious im constantly doing solo and random T5 PVE queue and win most games…i get highest score usually tho. Is there any room for you to improve?

Curious im constantly doing solo and random T5 PVE queue and win most games…i get highest score usually tho. Is there any room for you to improve?


you are so polite XD

you are so polite XD

So, and what is your suggestion exactly?

To increase friend list size? Or add a tab “PvE friends” maybe? Dunno what OP had in mind as a suggestion, but those two will actually help. I noticed that there is a room for an invited person even when your friendlist is full, so why you guys won’t ease the name juggling and just increase it?

To increase friend list size? 

it’s a good and obvious suggestion, but unfortunately we can’t do it because of technical limitations :frowning:

The watch list is your friend. ^^

I’m not talking about cash, items, or farming in general… but i hate illogical gameplay, and i’ve never see so many games destroyed i just wish to have an ignore list to prevent those players from joining. And pls stop threating gamers and players as equal. Sorry to say this but this game lost majority of gamers due to the fact that you cant prevent a troll person from joining your games unless if you team up with friends… sorry but people arent active 24/7 i get that… common sense. And due to that if i join at lets say 4 in the morning where the player span is lets say 1k…(theory crafting) i’d like to play with different players sure… but i sure dont wish to spot the same troll. If i alredy ignore him or even so he was reported. This game has a 3d mechanic engine up, down, left right, rotation… you name it, super easy to master and the % dmg increase to ship hull, shields… can be look up asap with accurate math. So I got to a point that players dont play the game they just join and say woho a ship lets fly… and that’s it. Then that goes down to what is the objective and so on. I’ve seen countless of games where we had to cap the beacons and they just farmed kills wow wp rly… so why did i join to be honest? You kinda let trolls ruin your game… That being said gaming isnt what it used to be… a complex game with common sense reporting system that values decent games over player base is the way to go. Look at Poe (path of exile) and no this is not an advertisement for them… but they started as a small company with a theory of always listening to ther players, keep if free to play, have the best servers. And so far they did, a lot! They cracked the desynic code aka delay. Bring more than 800% complex mechanic if you compare it to basic, and they are bringing more and more every month with a switft bug fixes up to 8 times a day if they have to… It’s not a if we should… it’s more like we must… there is a bug or something wrong with the game lets go and fix it… first prio… then expand your game futher and so on. That kinda of dedication will make every player play that game.


Sure i get the fact that you lack player base to implement something like that… but i’m not talking that i’ll ignore 2k players asap and then w8 for the rest of them to pop online to be abble to play. Just to ignore the oblivious troll, or if i may add another way of reporting a game ruining player like this: You join a game the player rushes in and dies… You report him under different report *game ruining* and you and him cant team up anymore until a gm checks the report. If a gm decides that he did that you and him will not be abble to play or que, team up together. If not he is back on the battleground. With a mark on his account that he was reported for that. Or even so implement a mmr to balance out the players and gamers. But in order to do that you need to have some kinda of order. Since everyone will start as equal so i could smell premade from a mile, that being said a premade vs premade should be done pvp wise that is(que that is). Pve wise mmr rating only. And the rest who que solo mmr rating only. If a premade vs premade pops out the rest of the player via fill the spot so to speak to get a full team would scail with mmr of those premades. Also mmr should be done for pve/pvp. Since it scailes different due to kill spand, dps wise… pve lacks a bit of mmr mechanic so it’s a bit easy to implement sure pvp is different a bit.


If you need help via common sense wise, math, logic pm me pls i’ll glad to provide a math for it, but i’ll need some numbers. also theory crafting i cant just rush in asap with *logic* then i’ll make the game to hard for others, but normal for me ^^. That would be selfish. I’m willing to go half way… but pls do something about it. And i mean numbers for every aspec of the game, population, how steady are your servers, cookie loss… Implementing something new has bad and good sides, but doing it logical to meet in the middle does have a lot of value… So far i’ve seen that eather you kinda lack the idea to improvise or just lack the logical span behind it, or dont have a team to do it, or you are afraid to implement something new to lose players? I get it in gaming is a lot to process and cant be done by 2-3 people only but gamers will point out what the game lacks. And they usually fully understand the game mechanic the core so to speak… and what kinda of a game it is and how far you can expand it, to still keep the gameplay the same but deeper. The idea of adding drones to send back items that you find in open space was one of those logical moves. Why due to time wise and space spand on each ship… and the process needed to max your ship with items then return back. The fee was also good. But if i may would you mind adding a way to stack same items let say max stack 5-10 for common items via low grade, medium grade max 3 items and *super rare* 1 only. Going back and forward after 5 mins or so is a big backdraw. I’ve listed some ideas. Pls ask if you didnt get something or if you want a deeper explanation of the subject. As i said gaming is a lot to process. And some cant see the big picture. If i may ask how big is your company or how many *idea* guys do you have in your team? And how deep are they when it comes down to gaming looking from both aspects as a player… as a company? Pm me if you dont wish to talk about it on the forums, i get it some things are better to do private. I’m even willing to go on Teamspeak or something similar to talk live.


Regards Pain