PvE 10 Man Corp Raids

I’ve seen this mentioned briefly in the forum: [http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/18312-any-plans-for-more-pve/#entry185472](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18312-any-plans-for-more-pve/#entry185472) but not in depth, it was also mentioned in a discussion my corp was having today.


PvE Is pretty bare bones right now and like people have mentioned it doesn’t have much oomph. With the game’s recent emphasis on corporations, it would be great to give them more things to do. The rewards could either directly be beneficial to the corp, such as unlocking special perks or aspects [this could also be applied to pve], or simply reward things like iridium, Stickers, credits, standards, etc. Rewards could simply be random loot distributed among players or give ‘rep’ which at each tier unlocks a perk or something.


10 man seems to be a decent size, but you could have 20 man versions or just have it scale to the amount you have as long its 10+ people. This would either require squads to be larger, or give a squad leader the option to ‘convert to raid’- which allows them to invite more people, but they cannot do normal PVP or PVE, and can only do raid scenarios/campaigns. Perhaps larger raids of 15+ can be divided into squads of 5 with a squad leader. All of this able to be managed in a raid tab? Raid leader (commander? Admiral?) is color coded? Or perhaps each squad can be assigned a UI color that the whole raid can see [squad A green, Squad B yellow, Squad C Purple, etc]. Perhaps squads are nameable?


Raids could be a mixture of getting to point A to point B alive, escort, trash mobs/waves, bosses, etc. Raid leader is able to pause [for breaks] or start the next part of the raid. Possible ability to ‘save’ it and come back later? 


Have raid leader act as ‘captain’ like in combat recon? Maybe not as detrimental if they die, but a loss of a ‘morale’ buff or something?