Purple loot with a new option in PVP/PVE matches

I have a following suggestion.


Purple loot spot should give you an additional option for picking up a blueprint (mark - V) instead of mark - IV upgrade kit.

This applies to PVE Scenario as well as regular PVP Skirmishes.


Remember, if you salvage an item immediately from the loot screen, you only receive converted artifacts, but not materials.

However, it is true, if you pay regular credits to store an item to the warehouse, you will also get some rare components as well, so this is fine as it is now.

Pay with credits or GS currency to get blueprints stored in the warehouse, or if you ran out of cargo space.


For instance, if I get 1 T5 mark - IV Positron Canon upgrade kit, but now at the same time, I can also get an upgrade/blueprint option for this weapon to upgrade it to T5 mark - V as well.

Of course, you need to pay for the upgrade, but not with galactic standards, but only credits to transfer the item to warehouse, like it is now.

Credit requirement would be 10x higher than that one of mark IV’s upgrade kits, which means that one T5 blueprint can cost you near 10 million of credits.

If you don’t have enough credits, then the option to pay with GS currency is available or you can have both choices, like now.

Personally, I would put the item price 2x as high, compared ot mark T3/T4/T5 IV’s upgrade kit, but I am sure that developers will object, that you can learn T5 blueprints for 9000000 credits.

To balance out the issue for all player community, I would suggest reasonable prices, but for all those who have millions of credits at their disposal, they can LEARN ALL of the blueprints (100%) in the Workshop at extremely steep prices, since workshop for me it’s considered to be just another fancy word for “Black Market”, where prices could be 10 times higher, but they should be available!


I think it’s better to encourage people to play PVP/PVE than to force them to go to the Invasion grounds.

The cost in GS compared with mark IV and mark V shouldn’t be too great, maybe it would need an increase of 10% in it’s currency.

It’s up to developers to decide the price.


What do you need to change to make this possible.


  • add mark V (orange) color section to the Warehouse, so items can be listed, if you wish to sort them

  • add ALL of the MISSING EQUIPMENT, MODULES and WEAPONS, so we can have 100% cover for all the modules, without exception, up to date

  Yes, equipment mark V section must be added in the warehouse as well. Currently, there is none.

  • add all the missing blueprints in the workshop

  • salvaging the loot shouldn’t have any restrictions, since you loot on your own

  • you get the mark V blueprint upgrade for the  mark IV uprade kit you own. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


I will post or modify more later.


Edit: possible changes/additions to be introduced.


That’s all. All constructive feedback is welcome.

thanks for the input - forwarded to Devs

thank for ur attention to our game. this idea can’t be implemented so far. Our developers will consider it further.