Purple/Experimental no longer dropping from PvE?

I remember that the purple node in PvE had a decent chance of dropping experimentals (purple/epic) when I first started playing. Now … I haven’t seen a single purple (I even got faction papers, wtf?!) in over 50 PvE games, only uncommon (Military/Green spec).


What gives?

I believe the way it works is like this: For whatever level of PVE you’re playing, the dedicated loot drop is going to be either a purple of that level or a green of the next level, or something like loyalty reward.  So if you’re using T3 ships, you can either find purple T3 or green T4 equipment.  It seems to be heavily weighted against purples, though.


Also, 4 of the last 5 PVE games I’ve won, I’ve gotten loyalty, which is lame.


the drop chances in PvE are equal to the drop chances in PvP, the only difference is that you get a 100% loot in PvE.

There’s still a decent chance of getting purples. I wouldn’t be in favor or making them mega common.

I had one! Right on the purple spot. 

Was a “Phase Modulator T4 Experimental”.

Good thing I bought that King Nibelung a few weeks ago.  :Dwop