PT-BR "Fan translation"?

This is some type of ‘order’ posting to contribute to the PT-BR translation of the game

I would like to contribute to the translation of Star Conflict(wich is my favourite game for now), and i need to ask how i can start to help the devs in the PT-BR translation of the game.
I’ve noticed some things who need a proper translation(or don’t have yet) to help new BR(and PT too) users(i’m divulging the game as much as i can) and i  like to improve the gameplay for these people

I’m a medium level at english i guess(i’m W6 on Wizard english school if this serve as a base to rate) and i would know how i can help you devs to improve the game translation to the Portuguese
I’m actually a Brazillian.
Note: i’m not doing this for money or something, i just want to help the game