Proximity Mine Buff

At present there really isn’t anything wrong with proximity mines. The do their job well enough and no-one has really complained.


I would, however, like to suggest a minor tweak to make them more effective at area supression.




Give proximity mines (the single mine that is mounted in a small missile slot) a mild magnetic tracking ability. If a ship gets too close to the proximity mine, it will begin to move towards said ship. It shouldn’t be so fast that it can chase ships around, but it should be fast enough to discourage camping around them.

cool idea but i think it would also make all the mines spreaqd away from one another to mutch seens only 4 mines can hurt a ship what would happon if some one run in and drags your entire mine feld around bet can take any more hit i say get rid of the limiter so people who camp in them cant stay their only after 4 hits

He explicitly said he’s only talking about individual proximity mines, not mine fields.

Friends don’t let friends drink and post.

If this only affects mines that goes into small missile racks and the mines only follow enemys, i think this is a great idea.

Finally i will have something to get of that annoying inteceptor with.

would be nice. this or buff the trigger radius.

Mines should consist of a larger explosive charge, tracking device, friend-or-foe identification device, and a minimal propulsion unit. While they are powerful enough to destroy fighters or interceptors with 2 hits or less, these units are usually too fast for the mines, which excel only in use against larger, slower targets, like frigates.


As of current, they need that proposition kit to make them move to discourage camping. And would be a very useful tool.