Protector Shield [Module]

Name: Protector Shield

Type: Passive Hull module

Ranks: 9-15

Upgrades: Mk1: 6,000pts. Mk4: 9,000pts.

Tooltip: Separate shield generators are placed around the hull of the ship. These project a shield with 6,000-9,000pts of durability around the ship. She ship cannot be damaged before the shield goes down. The shield will slowly regenerate after 45 seconds of not being hit.

So essentially a temporary turtle shield that has a recharge.

The turtle shields are bypassed by splash weapons. Is this the case here too?

Turtle shields are bypassed only by wide-splash weapons. Most smaller explosions will not hit them. It would probably be the case here as well, but then again, it is a very small anount of shielding and takes a long while to regenerate as opposed to the permanent turtle shells, so let’s say no.