Proposed Change in Engineer Healing

Just putting it out there, how about instead of an AoE heal the Mass Shield Generator and the Nanodrom Cloud works as follows:


They only heal TWO people, yourself and either an ally you maunually target, or the most damaged. There should also be an animation like the tackler with the target painter to indicate who is recieving the heal.


I also would like to know how people would feel about the added effect of draining the enemy of shields and hull at either the full rate of heal or a fraction of the healing value. This way an engineer can do a more offensive role and (maybe?) counter frigballing. 


And of course, the healing wont stack, in the module icon it would indicate if you are healing the person if there is a number 1.


I am unsure of the healing rate and range it should have though…


Please share your thoughts.

Easier - once a player has been effected by a heal (of any kind), add a debuff of a few percent, which reduces all incoming healing to said player. Do this for each heal or healing tick received, with the debuff stacking up to a certain amount. This way, healing still works fine but people can’t endlessly sit and take damage - if they can’t win a fight or take out the incoming damage source(s) - eventually they will drop as the effectiveness of the healing drops until it reaches a point it can no longer overcome the incoming damage.

Saagri, I think that is a bad idea. Since then you should also have to nerf pulsar to only 2 people for example. Otherwise it’s unfair.


And ET, that way, if i take hull damage to the half of my hull, I would then have to spend even more time repping my hull, which already takes quarter of a match…

It depends on the extend of the debuff as well as its duration - it shouldn’t rack up too quickly as I see nothing wrong with the burst healing capabilities of Engineers. It’s sustained healing which causes a problem with taking out frigballs.


As with anything, careful balancing needs to be observed as to not cause one problem by fixing another.

Also consider the effect of healing modules on ships.  They’re trivial compared to what an engineer can do.  I think I stopped loading any of those modules after I got to T3, they’re just not worth it.  If ships could reasonably heal themselves where it wouldn’t take until the end of the match to get to 100%, the engineers would be less valuable.  The biggest issue for me is just immortality.  Maybe also doing something like incoming fire is an automatic healing debuf could help.