Project 'Saros Cycle' suggestion

This topic corresponds to the Project ‘Saros Cycle’ topic in the Community Events thread. The reason for multiple topics on the same thing is purely due to the fact that I forgot the Suggestions thread existed and I didn’t know where else to post the Project ‘Saros Cycle’ topic other than the Community Events thread.


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missile ideas: (BTW all of these are just bought, no assembly or anything, maybe the right to purchase them would be acquired from a certain mission)


-reactive missiles (ECM)

a missile which creates a field that “disrupts the transmission of information between crystallid super-colonies”. temporarily disables use of ANYTHING (weapons, movement, modules) to the ellydium ship that is hit, unguided, no explosion, deals em damage.


-crystal decay field (covert ops)

a nuclear device that releases a radiation which kills crystallid super-colonies, on detonation it deals EM damage, then leaves a field that rapidly drains ellydium hulls.


-“whiplash” mines (recon)

a mine which deals bonus damage against ellydium ships.


-control disruption missile (tackler)

a quick maneuverable missile that drives ellydium ships CRAZY, (erratic movement, random use of weapons and modules).


-“Rake” barrage (gunship)

fires 3 missiles (like firestorm), each missile will explode after traveling 50m, firing shrapnel forwards that homes in on ellydium ships.


-radiation beam (command)

fires a beam along your cross-hair dealing EM damage, and reducing the resistance of ellydium ships, no charges, drains energy.


-radioactive pulsar (guard)

fires a slow moving (100m) anomaly with an EM pulsar effect, also drains energy from ellydium ships.


-deployable cover (long range)

creates a shield (like the reaper’s bastion shield) that can be shot through, gives friendly shots bonus EM damage versus ellydium ships.


-nega-crystal drones (engineer)

drones firing beams (not projectiles), the drones deal increased damage versus ellydium ships.