Profanity filter should turn the ENTIRE word into stars, including the first letter

If you leave the first letter intact, you’re just playing fill in the blank.  Profanity filter should turn the entire word into stars.  Also, the Audio for the game should not contain profanity.  Pilot comms or something like that says “Come on you sons of b******, do you want to live forever?”  (See how you filled in the blank when you read that?  If it was all stars, you could just skip right over it.)

yea, getting used to the come onf you sons of xxxxxxx, do you wanna live forever. 

hear if alot in game. its not really annoying tho. but it should not be there if you have profanity filter on. 

Hah with the filter on you can use a different audio track, but don’t remove the existing one please i like it!