Procyon Problems

I just manufactured my first destroyer, the Procyon, and while I am digging the raw power, I’m still horrible at maneuvering, making me an easy target.

I know it mostly comes down to practice, but do any of you have any suggestions for key binds or any links to tutorial videos to make things easier?

Is using gold to get a weapon in the atlas (“trade”) the same as acquiring blueprints for the same weapon from mission caches?

Not sure if I’m using my active modules right, either. I have the Photon Emitter 10, Pyro Emitter 11, Plasma Turret 11, and Blaster Turret 11. When I click on them, sometimes the enemies die, sometimes they don’t, and either I’m not seeing the weapon good enough to aim them, or I don’t know what.

I know that’s vague, but thanks for your help. Not a lot of tutorials or in-depth user guides for these big dudes. I’m used to just zipping around.

I figured the maneuvering out. It was the CTRL button.