Problems with Sector conquest

SecCon is one of the best gamemodes in the game (definetly on my top 10 list). I’m very happy about how it works, (except for the ‘+200 points -1 victory each battle’ thingy) and I play it alot.

I have no problem with the gamemode itself, But rather with what’s happning, when SecCon ends. Strongest corporations loose sector or two, and gain some in return, other corporations are enjoying their 1 day of ownership, and most corporation members are complaining about never having even a chance.


?Fun? fact: top 5 corporations control 50% of the map


And beause there’ll be more and more corporations with dreadnought feeling totally useless, this problem needs solution.



  1. Aliances (Less corporations)

There are 3 sides of conflic in the game, and corporations will fight for their side. CEO can decide, where to deploy his units, so they gain influence points in that sector. Finally, influence

points from all corporations on that side of conflict will add up, and if they have more/less than attacking/defending side, they will hold/loose/gain that sector. (old screenshots told me that there was something similar before)


  1. More sectors (fake sectors)

Same battles, but more sectors. I know, making new sectors is long and hard thing, but  sectors can be _fake! _You won’t be able to fly to them in OS, fight in them in PVP and PVE, but you’ll

be able to cap them in SecCon, and get bonuses and stuff, same as today.


  1. Sharing sectors (Not _entire _sector)

 Propably the simlest solution. Corporation’s pilots will % of reward, depending on how much influence has corp in sector compared to other corporations in that sector. 



That’s about it!