Problem with pulse lasers

I encountered this error (bug) in training session today when testing pulse lasers. From time to time for no apparent reason pulse lasers point and start shooting backwards. It doesn’t happen a lot but it’s annoying when it happens in the moment you were trying to finish off the enemy ship. Anyway I didn’t know where to report this so I made this thread. I hope it get’s fixed. Amazing games btw, keep up the good work devs!


Thanks for the report.

I had the same issue with Assault lasers and Heavy lasers yesterday.

It’s extremely annoying with the Heavy lasers because you completely loose your ability to fire for 5-10 seconds as the turrets slowly turn to face the stern and then slowly turn to face the bow again.

Happens with all laser weapons. Its a bug with the target system. Try to use a slow barrel weapon and loock on the target icon. Your barrel is moving alon around the target, mostly bumping around or totally flipping around.