Private battle menu

Due mainly to the chip-fans that you meet in VsAI, when they reach 40-50 kills, instead of simply capturing a beacon, but not only, i think the next event should include some (i hope many!) rewards for pilots who engage in a 1-vs-1 pvp match.


Lots are using the skirmish menu to upgrade ships, to test weapons, modules and so on. But it has become very hard to do that since the chips, mentioned above. If someone one-shots a bot, how can i use/test a ship that is chip-LESS ?! Me and lots of friends simply use the ships without chips, to test the combat situation, the teamwork and so on. So zero chips. PVE is similar. 

On top of that, I bet very few know about that menu, about custom battles.


Why would this be useful and important? 


  1. Pilots -rookie and vets- would have the chance to do a 1-1 combat, which is pretty rare in PvP games, where there are mostly teams. So individual pilots/efforts tend to matter less.

  2. The format would be similar to a tennis match: the best out of 3, or out of 5 games. Also, there would be a time limit, let’s say 3 minutes/match. Or 5 maybe. 

  3. The way it works: you could invite someone (right-click  ----> invite) or simply open the menu and log into a battle where someone is waiting.

  4. you’d have the chance to test different modules: hull repair, shield repair, ecms’ stunns and so on. You can’t do that realistically in a pvp when 4-5 enemies target you at once. If they all shoot, any shield/hull repairs are in vain.

  5. this could further be developed into ship-types: engi related, dessie related, interceptor related and so on. So if you slot 4 dessies, you could choose the “destroyer” sub-section.

  6. A funny option would be “blind”: you don’t know what ship type you meet, like in a blind date ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)  So you could fight a dessie with a recon, or a gunship with a LRF ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)


This mode would be somehow complementary to what big corps do, meaning training. Some corps have training sessions with newbies, some don’t. For all, this would be a nice way to play/test/enjoy.


Please feel free to expand with any idea that you like.


My 2 cents!